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People On TikTok Are Making Nutella Iced Coffees And They’re Perfect For Heatwaves

·2-min read

With the UK currently experiencing the heatwave to end all heatwaves, everyone is manically trying to find ways to cool down – whether that’s with paddling pools on balconies, putting your PJs in the freezer before bed or simply be guzzling ice-cold drinks all day.

Speaking to ice-cold drinks, last week we introduced you to Biscoff iced lattes, and today we have another refreshing coffee idea to get you all riled up about.

People on TikTok have started making Nutella cold brew coffees and we’ve never seen anything so beautiful in our lives. Well, since we set eye on the Biscoff iced lattes, obvs…

We first heard about Nutella cold brews when @caffeinication shared the most satisfying video of one being made on TikTok. Honestly – you’ll never feel calmer than after watching this…

So, we’re guessing you’re going to want to know how to make this, right?

First things first, you’re going to want to melt a big ol’ scoop of Nutella into warm milk. Then fill a glass with tons of ice, before pouring the Nutella-y milk in there. Now top with the cold brew coffee and, if you’re feeling fancy, cream.

The layers on that, am I right?!

Why is it that nothing beats an ice-cold coffee on a day like today?

So back to the Biscoff iced lattes - these are just as easy to make. All you have to do is take a big scoop of Biscoff spread and mix it with your shot of coffee. The hot coffee will help melt the Biscoff spread, making it easy to mix in. Then simply load up your favourite posh iced coffee glass with loads of ice and ice-cold milk (we bet almond milk would make a nice dairy-free addition), then pour in your Biscoff and coffee mix. Et voila!

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