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Perpetual Income & Growth Investment Trust Plc - Statement re Bank Facilities

Perpetual Income and Growth Investment Trust plc

LEI: 549300UIWJ7E60WUQZ16

HEADLINE:     Bank Facilities

The Company announces that it has amended its bank facilities, with effect from 16 March 2020.  They now comprise an uncommitted bank overdraft facility of £60 million (previously £80 million) and uncommitted bank loan facility of £40 million (previously £60 million). Both are repayable on demand. The covenants under both facilities require total assets to not fall below £460 million (previously £620 million). There are no other changes.

Paul Griggs
for and on behalf of
Invesco Asset Management Limited
Corporate Company Secretary
T: 020 3753 1000
18 March 2020