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Peter Andre wouldn't stop his children having plastic surgery

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Peter Andre has no regrets over having plastic surgery and wouldn't stop his children from going under the knife.

The Mysterious Girl singer had a nose job years ago, while his ex-wife Katie Price has undergone many cosmetic procedures, with her even taking a trip to Turkey earlier this year to have more plastic surgery.

Writing in his column for New! magazine, Peter admitted he wouldn't stop their children Junior, 16, and Princess, 14 - as well as his two kids with wife Emily - from following in their footsteps.

"When it comes to the kids, my advice would be that they talk to someone if there was a part of themselves they disliked," he wrote. "If they then still felt a certain way about it, and it was affecting their confidence, it could be a conversation."

Although he has no regrets about getting his nose job, Peter wishes he'd discussed his body image issues with someone first.

The 48-year-old underwent the procedure almost 20 years ago because he was bullied about his nose and his Greek Cypriot looks after his family moved from England to Australia when he was six years old and this affected his self-esteem for years.

"As a kid in Australia, I was bullied about the bump on my nose. A lot of the racism targeted at me also involved my nose," he explained in the column. "I was so self-conscious that when things started going well with my music, I'd ask that no pictures of me were taken side on.

"I ended up getting surgery because it affected me so much. Looking back, I don't regret the op but I wish I'd spoken to someone about how I was feeling first."

Peter and Emily, who married in 2015, are parents to seven-year-old daughter Amelia and four-year-old son Theodore.

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