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Petlibro Announces Launch of Infinity DIY – The Modular & Expandable Cat Tree with Infinite Combinations

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 19, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today Petlibro, a group of pet-care experts, announced the launch of Infinity DIY - Modular & Expandable Cat Tree. This high-quality cat playground can be continually changed to suit the needs and interests of any cat. It is available soon on Kickstarter:

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Petlibro Infinity DIY: A Catstomizable Modular Cat Tree (Photo: Business Wire)

Cats definitely have a mind of their own. They are curious but become uninterested easily even with new toys or cat trees that allow them to play and climb. Petlibro has found a unique solution that keeps cats interested and playful. Their modular cat tree can be assembled and reassembled in different combinations as often as needed to adapt new play modules, sleeping areas, hiding places and more.

"Cats are famously fickle. As any cat owner knows, they love to climb and discover new things but get bored easily and become uninterested in areas they have already explored. We designed Infinity DIY to keep cats interested and engaged all the time. It sets up in minutes, has a simple modular design and can be changed over and over into new layouts that perfectly suit your cat. Tall towers, comfy beds, and fun play areas, anything you can imagine, you can build. Let your cat show you the areas of the tree that are most interesting and customize it for your particular cats." - Jeh Lin, CEO Petlibro

The unique modular design of Petlibro enables replacement of any module in a few simple steps. This provides a never-ending adventure of exploration, discovery and fun for cats. They stay more active and healthy and have less stress when left home alone. The ability to continually change the play areas is a totally new approach to cat care and the team at Petlibro are developing new modules for future possibilities to provide even more choices for owners and more fun for cats.

Infinity DIY is also an economical choice for owners. It’s designed to be long-lasting with a superior build quality compared to typical cat accessories. Featuring a robust rope-wrapped wood structure rather than a typical paper tube makes Infinity DIY more stable and durable. The modular connection design can be assembled fast, in less than ten minutes and it can transform into endless combinations.

Infinity DIY will keep cats happy, healthy and inspired. It’s the perfect addition to any home with cats and changes and grows with the pet. Infinity DIY - Modular & Expandable Cat Tree that grows with your cats is available soon with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:

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