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Peugeot puts glass floor and feathers in new luxury concept car

·Senior Economics Correspondent at Yahoo Finance UK

The French do things differently, especially when it comes to their luxury cars.

Peugeot SA’s (UG.PA) niche brand DS Automobiles launched what could be considered the most flamboyant luxury concept car in the world at the Paris International Motor Show on Tuesday.

The new all-electric DS X e-Tense model features an asymmetrical frame along with a Nespresso machine, a glass floor and feather details behind the passenger seat.

Peugeot, which is a component in France’s CAC 40 index, owns DS alongside other larger car brands such as Citroen, Opel and Vauxhall.

The DS X e-Tense model debuted at the Paris International Motor Show. Photo: DS Automobiles
The DS X e-Tense model debuted at the Paris International Motor Show. Photo: DS Automobiles

The slick-yet-lopsided DS car features a “cockpit” for the driver that’s open to the elements. It’s next to an enclosed passenger area – dubbed a “cocoon” – that features a bright red massage seat, a glass floor, a glass roof, a Nespresso maker and a system that pumps in filtered, scented air.

The inlaid feather details behind the passenger seat could be considered the ‘pièce de résistance,’ adding further over-the-top luxury to this model.

A second passenger spot in the “cocoon” area can be created by unfolding a foot rest that turns into another seat.

Kevin Jones, a DS spokesperson, told Yahoo Finance UK the car was designed to showcase the brand’s French heritage and its future direction.

The model “combines technology and poetry,” the company said in a press release. “DS teams have designed this ‘dream car’ by drawing their inspiration from the world of luxury of tomorrow … emphasising the beautiful and the human, the sensory and the exceptional.”

The car is clearly designed with French flare, but it also has substance.

The 100% electric car boasts a racing mode with 1,360 horsepower, making a traditional electric Tesla (TSLA) look like a go-cart. The firm is also working on developing its autonomous driving system – dubbed Iris – to incorporate into this model at a later date.

Other features in the car include gull-wing doors that flip up, alongside asymmetrical headlights that look like techy, illuminated spider webs.

Peugeot SA – also known as PSA Group – officially launched the small DS Automobiles brand in 2015. It’s built on a multi-decade heritage that began with the launch of the first DS car in 1955.

The DS brand sold just over 37,000 cars globally in the first eight months of 2018, up 8% from the same period in the previous year. The vast majority of DS cars are sold in Europe, with a few thousand sold in China and South-East Asia.

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