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Our pick of the best fixed-rate savings bonds

Amelia Murray
Savers who put their money into a fixed-rate bond will not be able to access their capital for the duration of the term - Alamy

By tying up funds in fixed savings bonds, customers can guarantee the rate for the term and protect themselves against future cuts.

The best deals are unlikely to be around for long so it's advisable to act fast when you find a suitable account.

Savers who have used up their cash Isa subscription for this tax year (£20,000), and want to deposit any extra savings into fixed-rate bonds or easy-access savings accounts, should read this guide (which will be updated as deals change) to find out the best rates on offer. 

It's part of our series of articles that highlight the best savings deals - and expose the catches.

Best fixed-rate bonds


Atom Bank pays a top rate of 1.95pc.

The Atom account, which can only be managed on its mobile app, can be opened with £50. You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.


Atom Bank also offers a market-leading two-year bond with a rate of 2.1pc although you'll need to be comfortable banking solely on an app.


The top three-year bond is offered by Vanquis Bank Savings which pays 2.25pc.

Accounts can be opened online with £1,000 and can also be managed by post or phone.

Three weeks before your account matures the bank will write to you for further instructions. If it doesn't hear anything back it will automatically pay funds into your nominated account or into its own easy-access account.


Vanquis Bank Savings also offers a best-buy four-year account with a rate of 2.42pc. Savers must have at least £1,000.


The highest five-year rate is 2.51pc and is also offered by Vanquis Bank Savings. 

The minimum deposit is £1,000.

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