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Playtime's over: German kindergarten thief arrested after toy reveals his location

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German police say they have solved a burglary case after a stolen kindergarten toy revealed the suspect's location.

The Wundertüte kindergarten in the western town of Halver was broken into in April, police said.

The thief stole various items, including a laptop, picture books, food, glasses, and a colourful Toniebox speaker, which is designed to play children's stories.

But when the burglar tried to download new stories onto the device a month later it sent his home location to the manufacturers, who informed the police.

In a statement released on Tuesday, police confirmed that a 44-year-old man had been arrested in May and remains in custody.

"He faces criminal charges," district police spokesman Christof Huels told The Associated Press.

The Toniebox was found at his house and has now been returned to the kindergarten in Halver, where it was eagerly received by the children.

"The battery is empty, but everything else is working again," the police statement read.

"And if its circuits don't burn out, the box will tell many other stories. But rarely is one as beautiful as this one."

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