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Police stop e-scooter rider on M1 in ‘pitch black’

Tom Wilkinson, PA
·1-min read

Police stopped an e-scooter rider who was driving up the M1 motorway in the dark.

South Yorkshire Police received a number of calls from concerned motorists heading north in the Sheffield area at around 5.20am on Tuesday.

The force said the darkness, rain and poor visibility meant it could have ended in disaster.

Patrol officers stopped the rider near junction 35, took him off the motorway and seized the e-scooter due to a lack of insurance.

The force’s Operational Support Unit tweeted: “M1, Sheffield: Just when we think we’ve seen it all…

“Numerous calls from drivers reporting somebody riding up the M1 on an e-scooter!

“Pitch black, raining, poor visibility = a recipe for disaster.

“Rider reported & removed from network, scooter seized for no insurance.”

The police stop came the day after a woman was thought to be the first in the country to be banned for drink-driving an e-scooter.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “It is not only illegal to ride an electric scooter on a motorway, but it is extremely dangerous.

“Riding a scooter of any type on a fast paced road network is beyond careless.

“You are not only putting yourself at risk, you are also endangering other road users.”

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