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Porter Airlines customers 'betrayed' by change in brand of free cookie


As social media fury over United Airlines’ dragging incident peters out, Porter Airlines customers express rage over another removal from a flight — that of Cookie It Up‘s Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies.

On May 1, the airline shocked the aviation world with an abrupt Twitter announcement:


An unexpected public relations fiasco ensued, where crestfallen Porter customers took to social media to express their grief over the unacceptable confection about-face.


Other irate travellers, who evidently steal free biscuits, accused the airline of frugality:


And some were devastated not just by a dearth of baked goods, but also the staff’s callous indifference:


Jilted former supplier Cookie It Up entered the Twitter fracas as well, letting travellers know they would now be feted with a low-budget substitute:


What’s next, they ask? (Gratis) Terra chips replaced with (gratis) Lays? Fabric upholstery instead of leather? Free domestic beer? One can only speculate on the indignities that await intrepid commuters. To prevent further injustice, please contact @porterairlines or click here to contact the Civil Aviation Authority in your country.