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Prince William describes how parties were 'all of a sudden' replaced by parenthood

Lauren Clark
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Prince William noted that his life had changed a lot since becoming a parent. (Getty Images)
Prince William noted that his life had changed a lot since becoming a parent. (Getty Images)

The Duke of Cambridge has been highlighting the importance of caring for the planet along with Sir David Attenborough, and in a new documentary, he opened up about the turning point for his views on the environment.

William, 38, revealed that as a younger man he had a very different outlook which dramatically changed when he became a father to Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

“I was quite a happy-go-lucky young guy, enjoyed parties and then all of a sudden you go 'well hang on a second, there's a little person here’.

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The duke made the comments about his lifestyle change while discussing his evolving views on the urgency of conservation work while in Tanzania in 2018 in Prince William: A Planet For Us All, which airs tomorrow evening at 9pm on ITV.

In an interview - filmed two years ago – the duke credits his three children with spurring him on in his efforts to protect the world’s wildlife.

He said: “I think you realise a lot more when you become a father.

“Now I've got George, Charlotte and now Louis, in my life. Your outlook does change.”

“I had to get involved because I really felt that by the time my children were 20, you know 25, at the rate the poaching was at, there may not have been another rhino in the world.

“And there probably wouldn’t have been many elephants left at all. It really was that urgent and that critical."

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The father-of-three said he had “always loved nature” but that becoming a parent had given a “new sense of purpose” to his conservation work.

He explained: “You want to hand over to the next generation, the wildlife in a much better condition.”

Kensington Palace said the film will show how the duke moved from being passionate about conservation to wanting to play a greater leadership role.

Yesterday, the three Cambridge children took part in an interview with Sir David Attenborough which was released on Instagram.

It shows George asking: “Hello, David Attenborough. What animal do you think will become extinct next?”

The legendary broadcaster, 94, is seen in the clip recalling talking about how mountain gorillas were once close to extinction before sharing how they were able to be saved.