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Profit On Weed Updates its NFT Campaign to Expand the Passive Income from Weed Growth

Profit On Weed
Profit On Weed

London, UK, Feb. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the latest development, Profit On Weed announces its NFT campaign and expands its weed-growing harvesting cycle. The company gives the opportunity to individuals to have access to harvesting and the capacity to invest and earn passive income from Thailand's cannabis crops. The individuals can purchase plant-specific NFTs and participate in its affiliate programs.

Weed NFTs provide their holders with regular intervals as well. The holders will receive money in USDT within one year. In addition to purchasing the basic weed NFTs, the individuals are able to purchase additional services as well as expand their investment opportunities. The services are included:

  • Boost Harvest - Boost Harvest offers the opportunity to receive income from an additional yield.

  • Insurance - Insurance is a unique opportunity to protect investments from any power. Regardless of whether their plants die, the individuals get their investment back. The cost of insurance is 10% of the investment.

  • MLM Harvest - MLM Harvest is an additional reward for individuals who develop an affiliate program.

  • Reporting - Reporting services make it possible to get individuals photographs and videos of the vegetation report on their plants.

It is a blockchain-based ecosystem designed to make exchanges seamless in the circle of cannabis purchases and attract financial backers to a quickly developing industry. Blockchain gives transparency and the ability to track the production as well as processing from the seeds and plants in all cycles to handling and promotion, and it becomes the basis of the premise of another way to deal with the production.

Furthermore, the company provides a great chance to prosper and continue its impressive growth as new markets appear. Anyone can get a chance to join it on Profit on Weed. The individuals need to invest $100 to join the growing business. The individuals need to register on the site and be added to the list of privileged participants who can purchase non-fungible tokens as soon as they are accessible.

About Profit On Weed:

Profit on Weed is a company that created an agro-industrial complex that has a field of more than 1500 m2, and that can keep 4600 plants per cycle. The indoor farm supports a needed microclimate via the HVAC system, and drip irrigation is utilized. More than 700 thousand dollars have already been invested in creating the production complex and marketing, the first growing cycle has already been launched, and the first harvest is expected at the end of spring 2023.

The company is officially registered in Thailand and operates as a legal business. Customers can buy tokens and have a share of the profits received from growing weed. Additionally, the company's mission is to improve individuals' lives by making the interesting natural properties of cannabis available to everyone. The team of experts behind the project intends to digitize the real production of cannabis in Thailand through weed NFTs attached to high-tech greenhouses.

CONTACT: Nikita Ryabin Profit On Weed