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A Prominent Republican Member Of Congress Asked A Really Absurd Question And Is Now Being Roasted For It

A Prominent Republican Member Of Congress Asked A Really Absurd Question And Is Now Being Roasted For It

Elise Stefanik is a rising Republican congressional star* from upstate New York.

Elise at a podium with microphone, flanked by Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and another man in a suit and tie, in front of US flags

She's on the shortlist to be Donald Trump's running mate in November.

Elise sitting with her hands pressed together near face, looking pensive
Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call Inc. via Getty Images

Now she's going viral for a comment she made at a press conference.

Elise speaking at a podium with a microphone, gesturing with her index finger raised
Mandel Ngan / AFP via Getty Images

In the video she asks, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" Then she says, "The answer for hardworking Americans across the country is a resounding 'no.'"

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @Acyn


In case you forgot, it was almost four years ago when the lockdown started.

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @hemantmehta

People were obviously like, "Wait, what are you even talking about?!"

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @ashtonpittman

"4 years ago people were getting into fist fights over toilet paper," one person said.

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @badvegangirl

"Well, I'm not seeing morgue refrigerator trucks & I'm not being told to inject bleach," another person said.

Netflix / CSPAN / Via Twitter: @kvonyborg

Other people shared pictures of empty shelves.

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @Spawn_03

This person brought up their 401(k).

Nintendo / CSPAN / Via Twitter: @cjuk33

And these medical professionals shared a picture of themselves covered in plastic.

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @Cerriwin

From "Four years ago I was buying a lot of hand sanitizer"...

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @MattGertz "I was hunkered down in my house bleaching the groceries with my cats."

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @KF_Crow

Four years ago was literally the start of the pandemic.

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @NeverTrumpTexan

As this person said, "March 2020 was, uh, not great."

CSPAN / Via Twitter: @SowaTheArrogant