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Property Coaches Disrupting the Industry in 2021

Two Comma PR

Property Coaches Disrupting The Industry
Property Coaches Disrupting The Industry
Property Coaches Disrupting The Industry

London, United Kingdom, Nov. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Property investing is an age old tool for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio and make their money work for them - for generations to come. With a massive boom over the past decade, we’ve seen many savvy entrepreneurs and investors capitalise on the opportunities at hand, bringing in an impressive ROI for their money. With the uncertainties in the world brought upon by the global pandemic, we are likely to see some massive shifts in the property market over the coming years. According to Two Comma PR, if you want to come out on top in uncertain times, the right guidance and direction is key. Each with a unique area of expertise, here we present the property coaches who are set to disrupt the industry in 2021.


White Box Property - @whiteboxproperty

With a personal and honest approach to their craft, Lloyd Girardi and Andi Cook are former property developers who built a development portfolio of over £25m in just 6 years, using none of their own money. Having achieved great success in property, they decided to start a development training company to teach others how they too can get started with no money. Within only 5 years, White Box Property Solutions has become one of the biggest development training companies in the UK. With their honest and open approach, Lloyd and Andi are renowned for doing things their own way. “Unlike other training companies in the industry, we are very honest and open about the realities of property developing,” Lloyd says. The company specialises only in property development training and teaches what the two have actually accomplished. “A lot of people see property developing as the pinnacle of property investing. However, we are shaking things up and turning things around by saying that anyone can become a property developer. You do not need any prior experience to become a developer,” says Andi. White Box has an array of programmes available to suit any individual. They offer Property Development Discovery Days, online training with the Land Sourcing Academy, and a Project Management Masterclass. Their 3 Day Property Developers Secrets training and Property Developers Mastermind are split into 3 target groups of sourcing, planning and building. “We like to have fun while educating people,” says Lloyd, “which is why we also offer a business retreat in Bali or Croatia once a year.” Lloyd and Andi have certainly made themselves trailblazers in the Build-To-Rent world.

Tanner H. Hicks @tannerengineerofwealth

Tanner H. Hicks is no stranger to the importance of financial security and how people confuse it with the meaning of wealth. A former civil engineer who started investing in property in 2010, Tanner found that, like many new investors, he was spending too much time and money navigating financial potholes like get-rich-quick programmes that were less about the student, and more about profit for the ‘gurus’ running them. Applying his engineer’s pragmatic, logical approach, he decided to create his own path – to keep things simple and help others more. With that in mind, Engineering Wealth was created. Engineering Wealth strives to aid students by setting clear goals and breaks the mould by working with people to first identify what it is they actually seek in their lives, rather than shoe-horning them towards the ‘how-to’ products and services. “Too often we see people investing thousands of pounds into courses, programmes and schemes, that offer to provide them with a new ‘system’ or ‘blueprint’,” Tanner says. “But upon closer inspection, these people have not set the right foundations in terms of identifying what they want to achieve from that new ‘system’ before jumping head first into those products,” he states. The Property Incubator is a 12-month programme that provides personal mentorship to develop an achievable action plan within realistic timeframes from someone who identifies with you, knows your business, and guides you with the decisions that best affect you. For Tanner, wealth is more than just money. Wealth is having freedom, choice, security, growth and most importantly, life balance.

Daniel Moses @danielmosesdm

Defying the odds, property investor, wealth generator, professional mentor and keynote speaker Daniel Moses is the founder of Property Wealth Education. Created to inspire, motivate and educate others, Property Wealth Education does so by sharing their own experiences with the property market, and implements practical lessons to aid those seeking to have a better life for themselves through property. Having worked with a range of people over the years, Daniel found a large gap in practical knowledge in rent-to-Hmo training. Also discovering that there was a general issue within the community, which impacted their ability to make, build wealth and reach success, Daniel became even more determined to help these individuals triumph. “I know the struggles and heartache many of us go through trying to get into the property market, however with the right mindset and education I promise you that you will succeed,” Daniel says. Daniel helps individuals generate income with limited start-up capital through his proven system in Rent-to-HMO, and with the company’s tried and tested step by step property playbook, Daniel will show you how to build a successful property business through property you don’t own and more. “My role is to help you take your property business to your next level, and I will work with you to break down the barriers and succeed,” he promises. At Property Wealth Education, knowledge is king, and students are guaranteed to see success in securing property deals and growing their portfolios.

Daniel now personally owns property portfolio valued around £1.4 Million within his 3 and half year Journey as property investor and also controls other people’s property valued over £7.5 million

Napa Bafikele @napabafikele

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and migrating to the UK without being able to speak a word of English, Napa Bafikele has a true rags-to-riches life story. In mid 2015, Napa’s life took a dramatic turn. Within the same week he had lost his job and was made homeless. Always dreaming of running his own business, Napa attended numerous property seminars and decided to embark on a strategy called rent-to-rent. Though penniless, Napa decided pay a mentor through credit card, and worked relentlessly to build his online presence to attract investors and joint venture partners. Fast forward to now, he manages a rent-to-rent portfolio of over 40 rooms, wrote a book called Rent to Rent Blueprint which went on to Amazon’s bestsellers list and is launching its sequel early November. Through his company, Urban Wealth, Napa teaches others how to do the same. “Anyone can invest in property, but it’s not for everyone,” Napa says. “Property investment is a savage industry with lots of challenges and you need to be mentally prepared. Most people display the image of that property investment is easy but I like to show what’s real and what’s not based on my experience,” he states. Working 1-on-1 with clients, Napa only takes on very few people at a time in order to give them his full attention, with over 40% of his mentees going on to securing rent-to-rent deals, and expanding their property businesses to full time.

Stephanie Taylor - @stephanietproperty

Stephanie Taylor is Co-Founder of HMO Heaven and Rent 2 Rent Success with her sister Nicky. HMO Heaven is an award-winning HMO management and development company in Wales. They also buy and develop their own portfolio of multi-unit blocks, HMOs and commercial units with a focus on creating beautiful, affordable homes people love to live in. As a teenage mum, Stephanie struggled financially and dealt with feelings of shame and low self-worth for many years until a life-changing moment a few years ago changed her path to property. I wish I’d started years ago and now I’m passionate about sharing what we know with others who would love to get started in property and escape the 9-5 but feel they don’t have enough money to get started. Stephanie & Nicky launched Rent 2 Rent Success to inspire others to ‘believe bigger, become bolder and be gamechangers for good’. “We teach people the ethical way to make money from properties they don’t own. There is a simple way to make a good living that doesn’t take 40 hours a week and 40 weeks of every year for over 40 years”, Stephanie says. Stephanie debunks the myth that you need large sums of money to get started in property through her inspirational Rent 2 Rent Success Podcast and Rent 2 Rent Success YouTube channel and has been featured in publications including Entrepreneur and The Telegraph. Her book, Rent to Rent Success – The Ethical Way to Make Money from Property Without Buying it will be published in early 2021.

Danielle Bell – @iamhungrymummy

Exhausted from her corporate job with The New York Stock Exchange and longing for a life she could live on her own terms, Danielle Bell decided it was time for a change. Property had always interested her, but with little to no capital to get her started, Danielle delved into the world of property sourcing in order to kickstart her new venture. The scale and speed at which Danielle was securing these investments brought her to the attention of a number of high net-worth entrepreneurs throughout Britain, engaging her expertise to further develop their own wealth and diversify their portfolios. The relationships formed via these transactions have led to several very successful joint ventures along the way.

After having invested in the opportunity to participate in a private mastermind with property tycoon Grant Cardone, Danielle started to dream bigger. "I was hungry, I knew what life I wanted to create, and with a new-found priority in my life, my son, I had the best reason to succeed,” Danielle says. Empowered by her achievements, Danielle has since gone on to establish Hungry Mummy – Property Sourcing Made Simple. Hungry Mummy helps ambitious, driven and HUNGRY newcomers to the world of property generate income quickly via property sourcing strategies that are proven to work, exemplified through her own extensive portfolio and those of her high net-worth investors.

Danielle takes a no-nonsense approach to what it takes to succeed in property and bucks the trend of the get rich quick property schemes, truly making a difference in the lives of her students and those inside her membership.

Simon Taylor and Kevin Wheeler - @SimonTaylorProperty @KevinWheelerProperty

Meet Simon Taylor and Kevin Wheeler, the duo behind The Empowering Network.
Starting his career as a refrigeration and air conditioning engineer, Simon found himself longing to get out of the rat race. “It wasn’t until I had a near death experience that changed it all for me,” Simon recalls. Diagnosed with cancer in his 20s, Simon found this experience really put his life into perspective. “I knew that once I'd got through the treatment I needed to make a change and I started to invest in property,” he says. A year after his treatment, Simon began rapidly building his rent-to-rent portfolio and sourcing deals on behalf of investors. Kevin also found himself on a similar journey. Starting his career as an estate agent, Kevin always had a keen interest in all things property and begun renovation projects in his late 20s. “Family has always been important to me and after experiencing a family tragedy, I wanted to make sure I would always be able to provide for them,” Kevin says. “That's when my rent-to-rent journey began and I started building up a substantial portfolio of properties,” he states. Meeting at a property network event, Simon and Kevin quickly realised they both shared the same goals, dreams and aspirations, which is how The Empowering Network was founded. The business was created to encourage, equip and to empower people in their property investment journeys. Specialising in rent-to-rent and deal sourcing strategies, they offer various mentorship and coaching packages. In 2019 the company saw over 100 of their mentees pick up keys to their first rent-to-rent property. “As a company, doing the right thing is very important to us – ethics and integrity are at the forefront of everything that we do,” Simon says.

Mark Harvey - @markharveyreallife

Entrepreneur, property investor, international speaker, coach and founder of Real Life Brand, Mark Harvey, started with nothing growing up. Always struggling to make ends meet Mark experienced many failed attempts at creating success and financial freedom for himself and family. Deciding enough was enough, Mark has gone on to build several multi-million-pound companies trading in over 60 countries, and works with partners all around the world helping others to create a life they desire. Real Life‘s mission is to design, create and deliver the most life transformational experiences, coaching and training to assist people in achieving the 5 freedoms financial, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. “Real life provides real training that actually gets real results,” Mark says. “We don’t use tired old methods. We create opportunities for people to learn from experience, as we believe experience is the real teacher,” he states. Real Life Property Secrets Exposed 3 Day Virtual Event goes through the steps to start and grow a property business, and centres upon finding deals that work, and learning investment formulas that build a successful property business. “We combine the development and discovery of not just a mental, but also emotional and spiritual, learning foundation to provide a complete transformation, as for people to achieve different results they must become somebody different,” Mark states.

Make sure to follow each of these awesome property coaches as they continue to disrupt the world of property. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Two Comma PR for taking the time to put this article together.

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