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  • Online petition demanding government action over fire-risk Whirlpool tumble dryers passes 43,000 signatures

    An online petition demanding government action to force the maker of potentially dangerous tumble dryers as gathered more than 43,000 signatures. Whirlpool has advised some 3.8 million customers to unplug their dryer and not to use it amid mounting concerns that they are a fire risk. It says the tumble dryers – sold under …

  • Star fund manager Neil Woodford launches Woodford Income Focus Fund

    Neil Woodford has unveiled further details of the new Woodford Income Focus fund to be launched on 20 March. Commenting on the new fund launch Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown says: “Woodford Income Focus will tick a lot of boxes for investors seeking an income from their savings in a world where cash …

  • Just one in three Britons check comparison sites to check for better energy deals even as prices due to rise

    Almost two in every three homeowners do not shop around for better rates on their energy deals even though it could save them at least £180 a year. Heating is the main culprit when it comes to energy expenditure and contributes to 61% of the total usage. The survey was published as the UK’s leading energy supplier, British …

  • Britain ranks lowly 26th in world league table for mobile data speeds - but we're riding high on Wifi usage

    Britons may bemoan the so-called ‘not spots’ for mobile phone coverage but now there’s something else to gripe about. According to wireless mapping company OpenSignal, the UK ranks a lowly 26th in the world for data speed out of 87 countries. At 15.13Mbps, that puts Britain behind the likes of Hungary (31.04Mbps), Lithuania …

  • 'Trumponomics' to give markets a fiscal boost Yahoo Finance UK - 6 hours ago
    'Trumponomics' to give markets a fiscal boost

    “Markets are expecting a fiscal boost from the new President, which will drive an increase in corporate profitability and earnings – a positive for equity markets, all other things being equal. Burgess explains the consequent rise in bond yields would normally act as some sort of brake on the economy, but because of global …

  • Commuter towns with close links to London dominate latest buy-to-let investment league

    The lure of London remains a key driver in the buy-to-let sector as commuter towns continue to see strong growth for landlords.

  • The biggest Bitcoin crashes in the last 10 years

    For those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it’s a form of digital currency  invented by an unidentified programmer, which is held electronically. Earlier this week the currency experienced a high soaring above $1,100 per coin.  Commentators say the currency peaked as investors speculated the US Securities and Exchange Commission …

  • Tens of thousands of women who juggle several jobs are missing out on workplace pensions

    “Many people – particularly women – work several part-time jobs, which helps them manage commitments like childcare or study. The charity revealed that most employers did not see pension contributions as a burden to their business, with under 1 in 5 (18%) saying this is one of their key concerns for the future.

  • Tips to make your investment portfolio tax efficient Yahoo Finance UK - Wed, Feb 22, 2017 14:39 GMT
    Tips to make your investment portfolio tax efficient

    The annual ISA allowance is £15,240 and runs from April to April the following year. Ben Yearsley, investment director at Wealth Club says: “With the end of the tax year fast approaching, there isn’t much time to organise your financial affairs. Yearsley adds: “£15,240 is a generous allowance that can give tax free growth …

  • What will you be including in your pre-nuptial agreement? Yahoo Finance UK - Wed, Feb 22, 2017 14:12 GMT
    What will you be including in your pre-nuptial agreement?

    The number of people seeking a pre-nuptial agreement has increased over the years. Recently, Hollywood’s golden couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split proving more than ever that an iron-clad pre-nuptial agreement is a must, no matter how perfect your relationship may seem at the time of marriage. For those unfamiliar …

  • Third of millennials go without food or are selling possessions just to keep a roof over their heads

    Thousands of cash-strapped millennials are having to sell possessions or go without food in order to pay monthly bills. Desperate to keep a roof over their heads or to heat their home, a third of young people are regularly selling their favourite bike or offloading their music collection to make ends meet. Nearly one …

  • Is that £1 coin in your pocket worth £25? Check the 'scarcity index' to see if you're minted

    With just a few months to go before the round £1 coin is withdrawn from circulation, it’s time to check your pockets. Coin collectors are racing to complete the full set of 24 individual designs for the old coin – with the most rare expected to fetch as much as £25 each. The Bank of England is introducing a 12-sided coin …

  • Bargain Easter eggs from Aldi and Iceland beat pricier rivals to top the annual taste test

    If you want to give your little ones a tasty and great value chocolate egg this Easter then the so-called ‘bargain’ supermarkets should be your first port of call. Eggs from Aldi and Iceland have triumphed in taste tests ahead of pricey rivals from the likes of Marks & Spencer and Cadbury’s. Top of the chocs for kids …

  • 20 of the toughest job interview questions guaranteed to make you squirm - how would you answer them?

    Then the steely-eyed third member of the interview panel asks that left-field question that leaves you stumped, mumbling and sweating, grasping for an answer that won’t totally blow your chances. Jobs portal Glassdoor has scoured hundreds of thousands of interview questions to produce a list of 20 of the toughest candidates …

  • How bankers and accountants are the real drivers behind Britain's gig economy

    Tax incentives such as low corporation tax have fuelled a boom in self-employment – but it’s not delivery drivers and couriers who are benefiting the most. This flies in the face of the common perception that the so-called ‘gig’ economy is driving the self-employment boom, not-for-profit research company the Resolution …

  • Tough buy-to-let rules mean more overseas buyers rejected for mortgages

    Overseas buyers and British expats without correct advice are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase property in the UK, reveals DeVere Mortgages. Many overseas buyers and British expats are finding it increasingly difficult to buy a property in the UK, reveals independent financial advisory DeVere Mortgages. The …

  • Unilever suffers 'Marmitegate' - is this karma? asks analyst Zak Mir Yahoo Finance UK - Tue, Feb 21, 2017 14:08 GMT
    Unilever suffers 'Marmitegate' - is this karma? asks analyst Zak Mir

    “Lies, lies and damn statistics” is the saying which appears to be appropriate in the wake of the (so far) failed marriage between Kraft Heinz (KHC) and Anglo-Dutch consumer giant Unilever (ULVR). On the face of it, this should have been a “slam dunk deal”, if only on the basis that since the Brexit vote the fall of Sterling …

  • British consumers should prep for political events to hit their finances in 2017

    British consumers need to be prepared of political events that could hit their finances this year. There are a number of potential political events coming up which consumers should be aware of: from Article 50 being triggered to the elections in France and Germany as well as the developments in the China-US relationship …

  • Wasted opportunity: homeowners sitting on an average of £65,000-worth of underused space

    Homeowners are sitting on hundreds of thousands of pounds-worth of unused space. Ironmongery Direct has been gathering data through its online quiz – ‘Unused Britain’ – to calculate how much unused space is wasted within homes across the UK. The value of wasted space is based on house price value per square foot.

  • The rise of the tech world nouveau riche Yahoo Finance UK - Tue, Feb 21, 2017 12:34 GMT
    The rise of the tech world nouveau riche

    Ashton Kutcher has a vested interest in start-ups. Having started a number of modern companies of his own, the actor-turned-entrepreneur has invested heavily in a number of companies including Airbnb and Skype. RBC Wealth Management reports less than one-quarter – around 24% – of British High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) …

  • Two million UK shareholders 'have little idea' of how much their stock is worth

    Almost 2 million British shareholders have little clue of the value of the stock they hold and many thousands claim they are ignored by the companies they back. Furthermore, an estimated 600,000 feel locked-in owing to an inability to sell or trade the shares they own in a private company. Peer-to-peer trading platform …

  • Mums really do know best when it comes to buying Christmas presents Yahoo Finance UK - Thu, Dec 1, 2016 15:55 GMT
    Mums really do know best when it comes to buying Christmas presents

    When it comes to Christmas presents, it seems mums really do know best. The majority of those asked have put their partners on a pedestal when it comes to Christmas gifts, with a third most looking forward to receiving gifts from their partners. Kevin Sears, Ecommerce director at the company, said: “Christmas should be …

  • Home and motoring insurance claims spike during winter and people are not doing enough to help themselves

    The winter months see a spike in home insurance and motoring claims, but people are not doing enough to prevent trouble.

  • Office Christmas party season will leave bosses with a £540m headache

    The morning after the night before. Most have been there. Hauling ourselves into work after the office Christmas do, to find that, surprisingly, we’re not the last one in.

  • Top 10 most-searched Finance stories on Yahoo UK in 2016

    The Royal Mint is to launch a digital gold product and trading platform using blockchain, the technology that supports the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It has teamed up with American company CME Group to develop and implement the product’s digital trading platform to provide a digital record of gold held at its bullion vault …

  • Kim Kardashian

    A 20 carat diamond the same size as the gem in the engagement ring stolen from reality TV star Kim Kardashian is up for auction – but at a fraction of the price.

  • How this year's Christmas dinner will be the cheapest for 8 years... thanks to Aldi

    The cost of providing a Christmas dinner for the family is at its lowest for eight years, new research shows. Despite warnings that Brexit would push the price of essentials up, the findings show food prices have actually fallen – if you are prepared to shop carefully. Budget supermarket Aldi is top of the tree for value: …

  • All farewells should be sudden - says analyst Zak Mir Yahoo Finance UK - Fri, Nov 25, 2016 11:08 GMT
    Sugar rush: eating cake, Brexit and excitable stock markets

    It would appear that new Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement will be his and everyone else’s last! If the ‘depression’ inducing economic forecasts associated with it were anything to go by. From next year it will be an Autumn Budget – ‘spot the difference’, is what the cynics might think. In fact, we should …

  • Which direction is the dollar going? asks analyst Zak Mir Yahoo Finance UK - Mon, Nov 21, 2016 10:51 GMT
    ‘This is a scam’: Donald Trump blasts Jill Stein’s recount effort

    It would appear that there are plenty of reasons to be long of the US Dollar, but absolutely none to make you think of selling – even after stunning gains in recent days.

  • Has rental market reached its peak? Landlords curb rises amid growing uncertainty about British economy

    “While many landlords are facing higher costs themselves, including the impact of higher stamp duty on their property purchases since April, our data suggests that they have so far been cautious against a more uncertain economic environment,” said Martin Totty, HomeLet’s chief executive officer. “We know wage growth has …

  • When Barack met Donald - and the Internet just loved it

    Most observers and students of politics thought that that the Referendum held in the UK on 23rd June 2016, resulting in the UK taking its leave from the EU was the most momentous political statement any country in the West had made since the second World War.

  • Chasing the Grand Designs dream? Here's the top 20 towns to return a sizeable profit on a self-build

    Chasing the Grand Designs dream does not come cheap. While Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4’s hit show, famously promotes the vision that everyone should try to build their own home, few have the drive and commitment, let alone money, to do so.

  • Half of Britons believe homeowners should sell their property to pay for future care

    The majority of over-45s agree that taxpayers should not pick up the bill for residential care if people can pay for it themselves – even if just for a few years – by selling their homes.

  • Is Donald Trump an investor’s best friend? Yahoo Finance UK - Fri, Nov 11, 2016 09:47 GMT
    Is Donald Trump an investor’s best friend?

    Someone once said that stock markets make you humble.  I would agree with this.  Events of the last few days have reiterated this stance and showed up many experts who predicted doom and gloom for the world’s financial markets if he won the Presidential election.

  • 8 credit score myths exposed - so how much do you know about the credit system?

    With the number of TV adverts pressing the case for consumers to check their credit scores, you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone was aware of exactly what it was. A similar proportion said they had never checked it and one in ten only realised they had a poor score after being turned down for a mortgage. A …

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