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Quiet Equity Markets as New Year Approaches

Yaron Mazor

Inflation data from Japan was better than expected via it Bank of Japan Consumer Price Index.

U.S Dollar Weaker in Forex, Trade Balance Report on Calendar

Wall Street’s rather quiet conditions were able to produce gains on the three major Indexes yesterday. However, trading remains rather uninspiring before the New Year’s holiday. Weekly jobs numbers and a Trade Balance report will be published today in the States among other data. The U.S Dollar has been weaker against its major counterparts the past two days.

Japanese Inflation Data Better Than Expected, Yen Gaining on U.S Dollar

The Bank of Japan’s Consumer Price Index report which was released this morning was better than expected. The solid inflation number continued Japan’s recent string of good statistics, earlier in the day Retail Sales data were rock solid. The Yen has gained against the U.S Dollar and is near the 112.80 level.

Little Fanfare for ECB Economic Bulletin, Equities Remain Tranquil

A positive opening took hold for most European equities today, but volumes will remain quite tranquil. The European Central Bank’s Economic Bulletin has been published, but its fanfare will remain minimal due to the approaching New Year’s holiday. However, traders will likely tune in tomorrow upon the publication of Germany Consumer Price Index. The Euro has remained strong against the U.S Dollar today.

U.S Crude Oil Supply Numbers, Buyers Dreaming of Better Values

U.S Crude Oil has seen speculative trading this week and the commodity is perched near the important juncture of 60.00 U.S Dollars a barrel. Supply numbers will come from the States today, however U.S Crude Oil remains a traders’ market as some dream about better values in the energy sector.

Chicago Fed Manufacturing Numbers, U.S Jobs Figures on Schedule      

The Chicago Purchasing Managers Index reading could prove to be intriguing for traders when it is released at 14:45 GMT.

  • 13:30 PM GMT U.S., Unemployment Claims
  • 14:45 PM GMT U.S., Chicago Purchasing Managers Index
  • 16:00 PM GMT U.S., Crude Oil Inventories

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