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Rain Puts Dampener On Tourism In The UK

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Britain's rainy summer and the Olympics Games have cost the UK economy important tourist pounds, according to research.

Tourism generates more than £115bn for British businesses with one in 12 jobs directly or indirectly supported by tourism, according to Deloitte.

But the weather has been particularly bad this year and it took its toll on many events.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Regatta celebrations in London were affected by rain.

And the Creamfields Festival in Cheshire became the latest victim of the bad weather as the dismal Bank Holiday weather took its toll. The dance festival was forced to wrap up a day early because of a torrential downpour.

"It is with regret that today's event at Creamfields has been cancelled due to significant rainfall overnight and on-site flooding," a statement on the festival website said.

In addition to the bad weather, it is also claimed the London Olympics has had an impact on the number of tourists visiting the UK, with reports of less income than officials had promised.

A survey of more than 250 tour operators, hoteliers and visitor attractions found that tourist traffic fell all over Britain during the Olympics.

The survey claimed 88% of tourism businesses suffered a loss during the Games compared to the same period last year.

It even suggests some overseas tourists were put off visiting altogether.

Association of Leading Visitor Attractions spokesman Bernard Donoghue said: "Many visitor attractions which really depend on the weather have been down somewhere in the region of 35% and 40%.

"That's largely due to the weather just being so bad, but also overseas visitors staying away over the course of the summer because they don't come to an Olympic city and they don't come to an Olympic country during the Olympic Games."

The bad summer weather can also impact the number of British tourists choosing to jet off to the sun rather than holidaying in the UK.

But overseas tourists visiting Buckingham Palace this weekend told Sky News the inclement British weather did not put them off coming to the UK.

One man said: "Not at all. I am from Vancouver and it rains there. We just made sure we brought our rain jackets and umbrellas."

Another tourist from California said: "We don't mind the rain at all. We didn't come to the UK for weather, we came here to see the beautiful cities and countryside."