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Recent Top Gun: Maverick Viewer John Stamos Has A Lot Of Feelings About The Shower Scene He Shot With Glen Powell: 'Whoops'

 Glen Powell and John Stamos talking in the shower in Scream Queens.
Glen Powell and John Stamos talking in the shower in Scream Queens.

Recent birthday boy and Top Gun: Maverick viewer John Stamos has inspired a lot of feelings in his fans. This much is also true for his former Scream Queens co-star, Glen Powell, who referenced a shower scene the pair once shot for the now-defunct Fox horror-comedy series. As Powell shared that footage in a touching tribute reel to Stamos, the Full House vet revealed he has a lot of feelings about that day on set, and   his response included a "whoops."

Though Scream Queens was cancelled in 2017, its memory surely still lingers for those who hold it dear. Which is probably why the actor known as “Hangman” in the 2022 Tom Cruise legacy-quel included photos and video from the day in question. You can see this Instagram tribute for yourself below, as well as an adorably subtle dig that fits right into the scene in question:

John Stamos’ comment on being “the bigger man” is exactly the sort of thing his character, Dr. Brock Holt, would have said to Chad Radwell (who Glen Powell played) on the Ryan Murphy co-created horror-comedy in question. Which just seems to show the friendship that truly does exist with the legacy heartthrob and his would-be pop culture successor.


Though to be fair, Glen Powell did kind of start this faux fight by cracking all of those old jokes in his birthday message. And one would assume his body is an open subject of discussion, especially when Powell thirst traps are readily available on the internet. Provided, of course, the context is between friendly parties, and with a respectable tone.

Outside of all the kidding involved, there’s a true current of pride that radiates from John Stamos' response to those birthday tidings. Looking at his friendship the Devotion star in action here, it really reinforces just what these two men mean to each other, in and out of the locker room.

It also honestly makes me want to use my Hulu subscription to actually finish Scream Queens, as the comedy on display in the clip above has me wondering if they make it out alive. And if so, why hasn't there been a spin-off focusing on their darkly comic antics as medical lotharios? That seems like an easy win, provided the idea that initiates it manages to be worthwhile.

Much like the recent viral clip of Martin Short roasting Steve Martin, it's clear that ripping on the ones you truly love is just another part of the fun we call humanity. And in the case of John Stamos and Glen Powell, someone should give the world more of a regular outlet to watch these two at work, as they're clearly primed to make some magic happen. Until that day arrives, if it ever does, at least we have those Scream Queen reruns on Hulu to be entertained by; shower scenes and all.