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For the record

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Editing errors led to the director of Nitram being named as Martin Bryant, when he is the subject of the film and the director is Justin Kurzel; and to the director Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic being named as Antonetta Alamat Kusjanovic (Sex with a car bags the Palme d’Or as Cannes winds up, 18 July, second editions, page 11).

An article (MoD ‘is using scare tactics’ to bar public from woodlands, 18 July, page 12) mistakenly referred to “military police officers”. That term is used to mean Royal Military Police, whereas the intended reference was to officers from the Ministry of Defence police force.

Location, location: a section in our “Dog days” guide to “the best of dog-friendly Britain” featured among its recommendations an eaterie in Howth, near Dublin, Ireland (A proper dog’s dinner, 18 July, Magazine, page 27).

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