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For the record

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A UN report drew on a survey of, not interviews with, 901 journalists from 125 countries (UN catalogues ‘chilling tide of abuse’ against female journalists, 2 May, page 27).

It was Anne Odeke who played the role of Mrs Ripper in the play Tennis Elbow, not Cherylee Houston, as we said in a review (Theatre & Classical, 9 May, New Review, page 25).

A book review referred to the house of the novelist Carson McCullers as being in Columbus, Ohio. It is in Columbus, Georgia (Identity parade, 2 May, New Review, page 30).

Homophone corner: “He then had a dozen oysters and a draft Guinness, followed by some Sachertorte” (Why Len Deighton is set to thrill a new generation, 2 May, page 42).

Other recently amended articles include:

Scientists launch search for genetic test to spot killer prostate cancer

Ethiopian patriarch pleads for international help to stop rape and genocide by government troops

Barry Jenkins: ‘Maybe America has never been great’

Celebrities unite to back #StopAsianHate campaign

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