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Rectifier Token Offers Stable Growth Despite the Current Plunge in the Crypto Market

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Nicosia, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Overview

  • Rectifier is a unique platform featuring safe and private Telegram trading.

  • The token comes with Telegram features data transfer protocol and API for the RECT token bot.

  • The token features stable growth despite the fluctuations in the crypto market.

The cryptocurrency market is volatile, but the current market plunge has raised concerns among investors and different organizations holding potential crypto assets. To benefit investors despite the fluctuations in the crypto market Rectifier project has launched its RECT token, promising stable growth. The first token facilitates Telegram trading safely and anonymously.

What is the Rectifier platform?

Rectifier offers a unique platform for crypto traders looking to trade using advanced strategies and tools through its TRC20 RECT Token. The community-oriented platform offers unique ways to generate trading strategies that execute automatically. The bot trading facilitates live trading using their official bots on the behalf of the users.

Watch the Rectifier’s Quick Intro:

RECT token technologies

The Rectifier token is based on the blockchain infrastructure offered by the leading blockchain solutions company TRON. TRON’s blockchain-based decentralized protocol aims to create a free entertainment system globally using blockchain and distributed storage technology.

In addition to the powerful blockchain technology, Rectifier utilizes the Telegram platform for trading. Telegram allows two devices to exchange long-term keys using Diffie-Hellman key exchange. Later, these devices can utilize these keys for exchanging Telegram’s encrypted message symmetric encryption scheme known as MTProto.

RECT Token

The TRC20 standard RECT token with 95 million total supply can be purchased for ETH, BTC, BUSD, BNB, USDT ERC20, and USDT TRC20 currencies in the official Telegram bot. The utility token facilitates payment and the economic ecosystem at RECT. 

The token disrupts the existing conventional payment strategies, funds, and other conventional investment structures. With its unique features and infrastructure, RECT can disrupt the investment management industry to become a leading player in the crypto market.

RECT token price is dependent on the demand of the increasing Telegram audience. With the current exchange rate of the RECT token, it showcases steady growth ranging from 0.5 to 14 percent. This is a prominent factor in the current condition of the crypto market. The token offers a promising cryptocurrency and aims to be a sought-after token among investors.

Rectifier token benefits

The RECT token aims to transform the DeFi and ICO market. The token offers a unique concept integrated into the safe Telegram messenger. The token features the following benefits:

  • Added security and convenience in a single application

  • Enable goods and service payments

  • Easy fund transfer

  • Faster, secure, anonymous process without bureaucracy and fees

Rectifier token bot

After connecting the mobile application to the Rectifier platform, one can access the dashboard and receive a push notification for their strategies and remain connected in a low-key manner using their crypto trading status. The mobile application will also launch future interactions with the user’s preferred strategies, ultimately offering 100 percent control on trades.


The Rectifier platform's goal is to fill existing gaps and offer efficient trading tools. With their WYSIWYT or What You See Is What You Trade technology, one can get powerful strategies in addition to their steady growth token.

Rectifier began its brand creation in January 2022 and its token bot development. They have also released a whitepaper and created the bot structure as a part of their concept development. In March and April 2022, the company completed bot testing and further website development. Rectifier also completed its bot launch in May 2022 and smart contract deployment. The platform developers are currently working on starting a Telegram NFT marketplace facilitating P2P transfers, add stacking, and airdrop campaigns. In the future stages, the company will introduce NFT development, RECT payments, and RECT NFT. Rectifier token will be listing on major exchanges and integrate the RECT Button on Telegram in the subsequent stages.

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