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The Repair Shop series 6: cast, filming location, BBC start date and time

Olivia Heath
Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

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Following the success of The Repair Shop At Christmas, which racked up 5.5 million viewers – the much-loved series, The Repair Shop, will broadcast on BBC One during peak time, at 8pm, from Wednesday 18th March.

Now back for a sixth series, and presented by furniture restorer Jay Blades, the series sees family heirlooms restored to their former glory by a team of craftsmen and women. They are Britain's most skilled and caring craftspeople rescuing and resurrecting items that owners thought were beyond saving.

Together, the team transform priceless pieces of family history and bring loved, but broken treasures, and the memories they hold, back to life.

In each episode, members of the public will bring in their loved but broken family treasures for the team to restore, while also revealing the personal stories behind the items. In this new peak-time series we'll see a pump organ that was once a mother's pride and joy, a jukebox that holds beloved memories of a special wedding day, and an alabaster light shade that’s one of the trickiest restorations yet.

The Repair Shop cast – meet The Repair Shop experts

Jay Blades

Jay is a furniture restorer, upcycler, eco designer and presenter of The Repair Shop. Jay used to run a charity teaching teenagers about furniture restoration. He's also appeared on BBC series, Money For Nothing.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

Steven Fletcher

Steve is a horologist and lover of all things clock work. Having worked with clocks for over 40 years, it's something that runs in the family and his Grandfather and father were both clockmakers. Steve can turn his hand to most mechanisms and gadgets and is happy to tackle anything from clocks to bus ticket machines.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

Suzie Fletcher

Suzie is a master saddler and leather expert (and yes, Steve's sister.) Passionate about her work, Suzie has been restoring saddles and leather goods for more than 40 years. Her days at the barn are certainly varied – she breathes life back into everything from cases to roller skates.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd

Dominic Chinea

Dominic takes care of all the major metal work the Shop receives. He originally starting his career in graphic design, he went on to tackle classic car restoration and also has a career in set design. Dom loves a problem to solve and is always eager to get to grips with the rustiest and most dilapidated of objects.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

Brenton West

Brenton is the resident silversmith and photographic enthusiast, and has been tinkering, making and repairing broken things for as long as he can remember. Brenton is the master of replicating missing pieces and reinstating the shine.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

Kirsten Ramsay

Kirsten is the resident ceramics conservator. She studied at the prestigious West Dean College and worked as a valued member of the conservation department at the British Museum in London. Kirsten performs miraculous transformations, painstakingly piecing together fragile cherished possessions and continues to impress as 'the Queen of the invisible fix'.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

Will Kirk

Will is the Shop's antique furniture restorer and conservator. With a unique talent for staining and French polishing, Will has represented the UK in the world renowned Salon Decorative Arts Fair in Italy. His background in graphic design combined with his flair and expertise transforms tired, broken wooden belongings back into things of beauty.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

Lucia Scalisi

Lucia is the Paintings Conservation expert on the show. Lucia is a formally trained Conservator of Paintings and has over 30 years experience both in the Museum and private sectors, including the Henry VIII Exhibition at the British Library and large public collections at Westminster City Council.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell, aka the Teddy Bear Ladies

Amanda and Julie are on hand to welcome all the much-loved soft toys and dolls that are in need of some tender loving care. After opening a Teddy Bear Shop together, they soon realised their restoration skills could be put the good use and quickly gained a reputation for transforming soft toys back to their former glory.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

The Repair Shop location – where is The Repair Shop filmed?

The Repair Shop is filmed at The Weald and Downland Living Museum in Singleton, West Sussex, just outside Chichester, and nestled in the beautiful countryside of the South Downs National Park. This 40-acre site is home to a collection of historic rural buildings and showcases heritage farming trades and crafts.

The Court Barn is where the main workshop is filmed and where the experts greet contributors and work on their treasured objects. The thatched, timber framed building dates back to the late 17th century, back then it was used for threshing and storage crops.

Photo credit: BBC/Ricochet Ltd/Steve Peskett

During filming, the barn is transformed into The Repair Shop and is kitted out with all the necessary equipment and tools for each of the crafts. Filming also takes place in the adjacent buildings – the wagon shed and stables; which is usually where you can find metal work expert Dominic Chinea.

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