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Resident Alien Cast and Creator Tease Shocking Return of [Spoiler] and What’s to Come Later This Season

Resident Alien Cast and Creator Tease Shocking Return of [Spoiler] and What’s to Come Later This Season
Resident Alien Cast and Creator Tease Shocking Return of [Spoiler] and What’s to Come Later This Season

Move over, Max. Resident Alien’s alien tracker hasn’t kicked the bucket just yet.

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In Wednesday’s episode, McCallister reached out to David Logan to pick his brain about an autonomous robotics program he previously worked on which kept soldiers in a vegetative state alive so the government could run shady tests on them. Of course, she had something — better yet, someone — big up her sleeve. In the final moments of Season 3’s first half, the general revealed that the presumably dead Peter Bach was still alive and in her custody.


So what is McCallister up to and how will Terry O’Quinn’s alien tracker be a part of it? We went straight to the source, creator Chris Sheridan, for a tease.

“[Bach] is part of this Darling Project that McCallister is working on. She’s out to sort of rid the planet of all aliens,” he tells TVLine. “And of course, Harry will hear that and be like, ‘Dude, I’m standing right here.’ But that’s her mission and like she says, who better to do it than someone who can see aliens? So she has plans for Peter Bach in this sort of brain-dead state that he’s in. We will see more of him later in the season and he’ll be coming back with a force.”

Now that we’re halfway through the season (tear!), we spoke to stars Alice Wetterlund (D’Arcy Bloom), Meredith Garretson (Kate Hawthorne), Levi Fiehler (Ben Hawthorne) and Corey Reynolds (Sheriff Mike) about Episode 4, their characters’ arcs and what’s to come in the season’s back half. Scroll down for more Resident Alien goodness!

Bach Isn’t the Only Character Back

Bach Isn’t the Only Character Back
Bach Isn’t the Only Character Back

Laundry day has to be one of the worst days to run into an ex and his hot new girlfriend, right? That’s exactly what happens in Episode 4 when D’Arcy randomly bumps into Elliot (Justin Rain) on the street. Needless to say, the encounter is awkward af.

“I personally see D’Arcy as a sort of insecure vacuum of selfishness,” Wetterlund tells TVLine. “She has a tendency to make everything about her. In alcoholic circles we call it ‘the piece of s–t at the center of the universe.’ I feel like she’s comfortable in the role of ‘Well, look at you going off with your new beautiful girlfriend, of course!’ And yeah, she feels like s–t, but she doesn’t realize how comfortable she is in that spot. Has she taken any responsibility for how she treated him? She knows she ruined [the relationship], but she’s not really sure if she ruined it because she’s a bad person or because of her behavior. And so, seeing him obviously made her feel like garbage.”

Wetterlund says the scene was “so fun to shoot” and that Sheridan and the crew made her lug around “the heaviest bag ever.”

“It was full of real clothes, and I go to the assistant director, ‘Hey, can we talk about maybe getting this a little lighter? It’s ridiculously heavy.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I’ll talk to [creator] Chris [Sheridan].’ Goes to talk to Chris, comes back and he goes, ‘He actually wanted me to make it heavier.’ Our props master Jordan had to put more clothes into it!”

“It’s a metaphor for your shame!” adds Sara Tomko (Asta). “You never want to run into an ex when you’re looking not hot.”

What’s the Deal With the Hawthornes’ Abductions?

What’s the Deal With the Hawthornes’ Abductions?
What’s the Deal With the Hawthornes’ Abductions?

Kate’s fear is taking ahold of her and her family’s lives, and heading into Episode 5, that fear will continue to dominate her — until she gets closer to the truth, that is.

“Last season was a lot about the need to feel like I belonged, finding my own place in town, and that was causing a lot of conflict between me and Ben,” says Garretson. “This season, that little bit of peace that I found gets shattered and it sends me adrift. This season is a lot about unearthing these conflicts that are actually inside. How do you fight this invisible enemy? How do you deal with something that’s causing you to feel unsafe everywhere you go? How do you protect yourself?”

But when Kate’s “children’s book” (if we can call it that) raises red flags with Ben, and Max mentions that owls can be connected to alien abductions (“Does your butt hurt?”), the new intel sends Kate on a whole new spiral.

“When she realizes and looks at the drawings that she’s been making, she’s like, ‘I’m possessed by this fear and I can’t get past this,’” she says. “When Max offers her that, I think she’s at a place where she’s available to even just entertain that. Maybe in a different state of mind she would have been like, ‘That’s ridiculous. There has to be some explanation,’ and would have brushed it off, but she’s so vulnerable and undone that it’s worth the Google. This season is a lot about Kate following and learning to listen to her intuition that something is not right. So I think it’s the beginning of a cracking open of her perspective on the world and what’s possible, and a willingness to entertain everything in the interest of trying to find out what is wrong.”

When asked for a tease for Episodes 5-8, Fiehler says the rest of the season will follow “Ben basically coming to the realization that he’s been abducted for the majority of his life, and how he deals with and reacts to that. And then finding out that his wife and child had been abducted as well. It definitely turns up the temperature in the oven a little bit.”

Adds Garretson: “It’s the realization of something unfathomable and what that does to us, how it brings us together and then how we choose to fight that. It will be a fun ride for people.”

Mike and Liv Get Even Closer to the Truth

Mike and Liv Get Even Closer to the Truth
Mike and Liv Get Even Closer to the Truth

Deputy Liv and Sheriff Mike will continue following their hunches as they investigate WTF is going on in Patience. They now know that Joseph read Robert’s therapist’s diary, and using the strange magnet Liv found in the office, they discover it’s actually a key to a hidden compartment inside the van — a compartment holding a small notebook presumably hidden by the alien tracker, himself. Liv’s instincts have served them right thus far, but when will Mike finally give her the respect she deserves?!

“I think it’s a mix of two things,” says Reynolds. “I think he’s come to terms in realizing that, whether he likes it or not, Deputy Liv is invaluable, which was reflected at the end of Season 1 with the karaoke scene. And I think seeing him in that vulnerable state, even if it’s just for a second, sent a powerful message to her. And I think there’s [also] an aspect of ‘he is how he is,’ but she knows how to return. She can backhand it to him. To me it’s like the coyote and the roadrunner. Sheriff Mike’s got all of these things that he puts forth with her, but she’s always like ‘meep, meep!’ and just completely ruins his plans. [Laughs] He just can’t get around her. I think he’s discovered that they make a much better team.”

Bach’s notebook “pushes things forward in a big way,” Reynolds adds.

“There is a mole within our department and there’s a confrontation brewing in that direction,” he reveals. “There’s a plan that’s hatched that doesn’t go quite to plan. Without giving away any spoilers, there’s an impromptu rescue by someone who no one would expect to come save us.”

So what are your thoughts on the season so far and what are your predictions for the remaining episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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