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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City star shares inspiration he took from the games

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Photo credit: Sony Pictures
Photo credit: Sony Pictures

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City star Avan Jogia has revealed that he took a lot of inspiration from the original game series.

The actor takes on the role of long-running character Leon S Kennedy in the reboot of the film series, and just so happens to be a big fan of the video games himself.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Jogia admitted he looked to Kennedy from the games to form his own take on the character, saying: "I'm a huge fan of the games and RE4 is my Resident Evil that I grew up with.

Photo credit: Sony Pictures
Photo credit: Sony Pictures

"I think when I went in there, I was looking for physical cues and behavioural cues that I could use so that people who are real fans of the game series and of Leon in general would be like, 'Oh that's a big Leon thing to do.'

"Like simply just the gun position with the flashlight and the way he operates and moves through the world, that was something I was really careful to start as a mimic and then try and reproduce it and do it in a human way."

Speaking of the version of the character viewers meet in Welcome to Raccoon City, Jogia revealed: "As far as Leon, we're starting off at the beginning of his journey.

"He's the rookie kid, the rookie cop, he's not fully developed into this special ops president's daughter's bodyguard guy that he ends up becoming. It was fun to play that part of Leon."

Photo credit: Paul_Archuleta
Photo credit: Paul_Archuleta

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Co-star Tom Hopper (Albert Wesker) went on to reflect on the pressures of having a pre-established fanbase, saying: "It certainly is always on your mind, but it's also really exciting because you know you're going to be part of something that people are anticipating, they want to know about it.

"That really excites me when I'm making something like this. You become a fan yourself through the process, whether you were before or not. Before Umbrella Academy, I didn't really know much about it until I read the comic and then I became a fan.

"You get excited yourself and then that responsibility of creating those characters becomes passionate, it becomes something you feel very responsible for and you feel that you want to get it right. You become one of the fans. It's not in our interest to get it wrong in any way. The pressure goes away and you more just get excited."

Jogia added: "Fans making fan stuff for fans is the goal, right? I'm excited about it as a lifelong player of these games and still to this day, I'm playing Resident Evil 4 right now on the Oculus Rift Quest 2.

"It's exciting when you get to be a part of bringing something to the fanbase."

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is out now in US cinemas, while UK fans can watch it from December 3.

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