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I Rewatched Solo: A Star Wars Story — And I'm Actually Surprised This Film Received So Much Hate

 Alden Ehrenreich in Solo: A star wars story
Alden Ehrenreich in Solo: A star wars story

So…why did Solo: A Star Wars Story get so much hate again? Because I don't understand it.

I'm not a person who has been a fan of the series since its inception. I wasn't even a thought in my parents' mind when the first Star Wars films came out. In fact, my mother was in college, and my dad was in high school. I'm a new-generation fan.

With that in mind, however, I grew up in a very Star Wars-centric household. I had a father and brother who were very into the prequel and original films, and wanting to fit in as a young kid, I watched and ended up loving them -- which is what led me to see Solo: A Star Wars Story back in 2018 when it first came out.


I remembered enjoying it a lot then, as did my family. Now, I decided to check it out again to see if the hate it got from Star Wars fans was warranted – and I still don't get it.

Alden Ehrereich in Solo: A Star Wars Story
Alden Ehrereich in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Alden Ehrenreich Was Decent As Young Han Solo

Casting a young Han Solo is a daunting task. Any actor taking on that role would receive mountains of hate because many people could never see anyone other than Harrison Ford playing the part. The man is Han Solo, through and through, even if he saw the movie and "was raving about it."

Solo: A Star Wars Story Writer Shares A Message To Fans Hoping For A Sequel

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Solo: A Star Wars Story

If you were looking for a sequel to Solo, the writer wanted to share a message.

I don't blame people for feeling that way, but the amount of hate Alden Ehrenreich was fed during his time playing Han was honestly atrocious, and I feel terrible for the actor – because it's not like he did a lousy job. I think Ehrenreich portrayed a decent version of young Han Solo.

He doesn't look precisely like Han, as no one would, but it's not bad. Yeah, he's not Ford, so instantly, you'll be thrown off. But I liked his portrayal of a space smuggler who hadn't yet plagued himself with the upcoming war that we saw in the original movies. He was a great young actor – and was battered far too much for his role.

Truthfully, he deserves an apology, even now, from fans, the same way I think many have said sorry to Hayden Christensen, who finally returned to the role of Anakin Skywalker after many years, in Obi-Wan Kenobi. No actor deserves that amount of hate.

Donald Glover in Solo: A Star Wars Story
Donald Glover in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Donald Glover Played An Excellent Young Lando

Lando is an exceptional character from the original franchise, and Billy Dee Williams rocked that role. It's another case where it's hard to believe someone else could fill those shoes.

But man, Donald Glover is a close second, if not on the same level as Williams.

Glover is a fantastic actor. He's a modern-day Renaissance man who can do anything in movies, music, fashion – you name it. But him, as Lando, was one of the best choices that Disney and Lucasfilm could have made. He embodied what it means to be Lando. He had that same charming smile and suave attitude, yet with such a young spark that I couldn't help but love him.

There's a reason why Glover is one of the stars of the upcoming Lando spinoff on Disney+. He's just that guy.

Emilia Clarke in Solo: A Star Wars Story
Emilia Clarke in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Emilia Clarke Delivered A Good Performance With Qi'ra

Okay, so I'll be truthful here and say I'm a wee bit biased when it comes to Emilia Clarke because I've been a massive fan of her since her time on Game of Thrones. Daenerys Targaryen was my girl, which led to me loving Clarke because she's a fantastic actress.

Her role in Solo was another instance where she performed well. My only problem with her is that Star Wars should have done better in using her character more. I think Qi'ra – and Clarke in general – could have been a great addition to further stories, but there’s been little out there that has expanded her character thus far, besides an appearance in a Star Wars comic book.

Clarke is a fantastic addition to the world of Star Wars. While Han and Qi'ra's love story could have been told a little better, the way it ended was perfect and added to Han's adventures without stealing anything from who he is as a person, but I would have loved to learn more about her.

Alden Ehrenreich and Joonas Suotamo in Solo: A Star Wars Story
Alden Ehrenreich and Joonas Suotamo in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Revealing The Backstory Behind Han And Chewie Was Really Cool

I don't care what anyone says – I enjoyed Han and Chewie's meeting.

The first thing people always say about this scene is that it doesn't make sense that Han would speak Shyriiwook. It's supposed to be difficult for humans to learn due to vocal cords. Han is never actually seen speaking the Wookiee's language in the other films because he can understand English, so it feels almost like a device used to push the plot forward.

Clearly, Solo takes place several years before the first trio of films. I can see why Han would use the language as a way to gain Chewbacca's trust. It's not that hard to believe that after Han and Chewie worked together, Han didn't feel the need to speak it anymore, because it was clear Chewie could understand him. In the grand scheme of things, this meeting doesn't affect their relationship at all. 

I just don't see why this scene, of all things, is such a big deal to fans. Please, if you can explain it, let me know, because I am struggling to understand the importance.

Frankly, I still enjoy it. I don't care if people see this as a plot device. For a fan like me, who genuinely watches these movies for pleasure and doesn't get caught up in things that might not line up with previous movies perfectly, it's still enjoyable. The overall story is fun, too, with plenty of intense action and an intriguing story that adds to the lore.

But, I had to get this Chewie stuff off my mind. I love their backstory, and I will stand by it.

Han Solo with a sword to his chest in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
Han Solo with a sword to his chest in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Action Scenes Were Electric And Full Of Life

Before I rewatched the movie, I knew I would love the action. It was just as fun the second time around as it was the first.

Everything is well-choreographed, and from the beginning, you are thrown right into chases, battle sequences, spaceship flights, and so much more.

Sure, you're not super fearful for the characters' lives since most of them make it into the original trio of movies and survive any fight they are in, but they're still enjoyable to watch. They also make the characters you love look even more badass, which is always a win.

A ship crashing into a mountain during Solo: A Star Wars Story.
A ship crashing into a mountain during Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The Visual Effects Were Killer, Too

I know Star Wars has always been known for its practical effects regarding the creatures we encounter in the galaxy – but the special effects of Solo: A Star Wars Story are fun, too. Nothing feels cheap, and it feels like you're soaring through space.

The visual effects here are even better than some of the sequel movies we saw from 2015 to 2019. They pair well with the fights, making the practical effects even more enjoyable at the same time. Everything melds together well.

I won't say that Solo is perfect. Few Star Wars projects are. The original trio is always God-tier, but only some come close to being perfect. Andor and The Mandalorian are fantastic, even Star Wars: The Clone Wars. But in terms of movies? It takes work to live up to the standard that Star Wars fans have set for themselves.

Solo: A Star Wars Story, however, shouldn't have received the amount of hate it got. I know the prequel wasn't asked for, but it still adds to the story in a valuable way. I would rewatch it again, just for fun. It's an entertaining addition to the Star Wars family – and I think it's about time we revisit it and give it more love than it got back then.