The homes we just couldn't get enough of in 2013

From the mansion in Newcastle to the semi-detached in Middlesex, see which one came out on top

We're a nation obsessed with property but it appears that the addiction is getting worse thanks to online property portals.

Anyone who's lost hours browsing the sites will understand. From checking out the asking price of that house up the road, to dreaming about the homes we could never afford - we're spending ever more time gawping at properties for sale.

As Rightmove climbs from the tenth most visited website in the UK to seventh over the past year alone, here's a look at the top five most-viewed properties on the site this year:

5. Runnymede Road, Newcastle

Just waiting for our winning numbers to come out on the lottery

Our dream home?

Most of us could never afford to live in this seven-bedroom home, but that hasn't stopped us from having a good nose around. The swish indoor swimming pool, acres of pristine gardens and the roomy granite-surface kitchen - yes, it's nice to dream. 

And for those who do have a hefty bank balance and like the look of the flash pad, the home is still on the market.  

4.One Hyde Park, London

The flat is thought to be the most expensive sold publicly this year

That's one expensive bedroom.

Developed by Candy brothers Nick and Christian, apartments at swanky One Hyde Park are not to be confused with actual homes; most of the owners don't even live there. They are more of a statement purchase - you want the world to know you're rich enough to shell out millions when it suits you.

When initially put up for sale in 2009, the properties were some of the most expensive to ever be sold in Britain. Only a handful of the residences have come back on to the market since then, so when a flat was listed for sale earlier this year, many people no doubt wanted to see what all the fuss is about.

This property changed hands for a grand total of £27million, making it the most expensive flat to be sold this year.

3. Campden Hill, London

Do you think there's ANY chance we could get a mortgage big enough for this?

How are your DIY skills? This is what the dining room could look like after work

Punching above our weight, again. This nine-bedroom home is on the market for an eye-watering £65million. The princely sum buys you a mansion and an acre of land in one of London's most exclusive postcodes.

But the home isn't in immaculate condition - the pictures only show what it could look like after extensive work.

So the question is: Even if you could buy it, would you?

2. Billionaires' Row, London

Plenty of room for the relatives to visit at weekends

A good excuse to start that wine collection.

We all wonder how the other half live... and now you know. Wine cellars as big as our sitting room, marble bathrooms, tennis courts and of course an indoor swimming pool - it's all part and parcel of a home on the Bishops Avenue, otherwise known as Billionaires' Row.

This mansion was originally designed and built in 1910 as the London residence for William Lyle of the Tate & Lyle family- and now has a price-tag of £65million.

1. A purple haze, Middlesex

Nothing seems out of the ordinary

The purple house (Rightmove)

Not a mansion or any kind of luxury pad, Rightmove's most viewed home looked fairly average from the outside. But a quick look at the interior and it's pretty clear why this home stood out. The owner kitted out the entire home in lilac, indigo and violet and other variants of purple.

Yahoo readers called it 'ghastly', 'sick' and 'disgusting' (you lot don't hold back) but, still, someone quite liked the colour scheme, as the home sold for around £400,000.

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