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Rihanna's no makeup selfie is proof she ages backwards

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Photo credit: Robin L Marshall - Getty Images
Photo credit: Robin L Marshall - Getty Images

Forget influencers and campaign shoots, Rihanna is the best advertisement for her Fenty Skin brand as the 33-year-old does not look a day over 18 in her latest no makeup selfie on Instagram.

Seriously, she needs to be added to the list of celebrities defying the laws of physics, along with Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.

I say physics, but I'm not fully ruling out a celebrity underground vampire ring either.

Wearing a black fluffy hat (that I am now desperate to own) and matching black sunglasses, RiRi's filterless skin is smooth, glowing and from the looks of it, baby soft.

Without coming across even creepier than I already have, I'm also desperate to know what lip balm she's wearing because that hydration, that gloss is something I need in my life.

Wrinkles nowhere in sight, the only lines to be seen were on Rihanna's nails, with a cool negative space effect design that I'm 99.9% sure she chose to match her t-shirt.

We know RiRi doesn't put her name to anything she doesn't love or use, so I'm going to have to put this youthful glow down to Fenty Skin.

Looks like I'll be making a lunchtime Boots trip then to stock up on my favourites. If you'll be joining me, I recommend reading our dermatologist's review of celebrity skincare lines, so you can get the most from your coin.

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