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Roketo Implements Cliffed Financial Streams for AirDrops, Vesting, and Other Applications

·3-min read

LISBON , July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Roketo, a real-time financial streaming protocol, announced Cliff functionality focused on improving its streaming solutions for investors, airdrops, and employee vesting. Now users can set up continuous transfers of funds which will be locked for a defined period of time, yet irreversible by the sender. Roketo also released a set of updates that will contribute to enhancing its product user experience and overall streaming flexibility.

Roketo enables continuous financial streaming solutions for crypto, DeFi, and TradFi payments. Roketo allows users to pay people and services per second, handle paydays, startup investments, and token airdrops with complete transparency and fast transactions. Because it’s built on NEAR, Roketo is able to keep some of the lowest commissions on the market. Roketo links to a user wallet and transmits funds to recipients in real-time, enabling funds to come every second at a certain speed and allowing the recipients to withdraw them at any moment. When doing mass payments to their investors or community, Roketo allows companies to have complete control over their real-time token allocation.

The new Cliff functionality allows the recipient to see the money incoming but the "withdraw" option is inactive until a certain date. At the same time, the transaction is uneditable, so the sender can't stop the stream, and the recipient doesn’t have to worry about their funds. The Cliff functionality is useful for investments, community airdrops, and employee vesting. For example, DAOs can distribute tokens among their investors and early team members but lock them down for a year to ensure the market stability and long-term alignment of incentives.

“Token allocation is a big part of any protocol’s life. Our new Cliff functionality aims to facilitate the remuneration aspect between all acting parties in a protocol or a DAO. With the Cliff introduction, we’re improving such relationships by making sure everyone feels rewarded in real-time, at the same time protocols feel their funds are being safely and sustainably allocated,” said Taras Dovgal, Co-founder at Roketo. “We continue to develop all aspects of Roketo and its streaming solutions to keep supporting projects in their financial duties, allowing them the greater flexibility they much need.”

Along with the new Cliff functionality, Roketo released a set of updates that will contribute to enhancing its product user experience and overall streaming flexibility:

  • Users can now quickly figure out who the streams are going to, if to investors or team members, or others, as a result of the new colors of streams update, where users can dedicate a specific color per stream.

  • Streams will automatically extend in time when funds are added. For example, if a stream ends on a certain date, when more funds are added, the stream is extended by days, weeks, or months ahead, based on funds available.

  • It’s now possible to stream 11 tokens right from the interface, allowing greater flexibility when choosing which tokens to stream based on investors, team members, or community preferences.

  • It’s easier to access information on the streams with the improved fees info, which lets users understand how much they will pay for each stream, and track information when a stream started, ended, was paused, and more, with the email notification on streams update.

About Roketo

Roketo is a crypto streaming service which allows you to pay people and services per second. Roketo handles paydays, startup investments and token airdrops with complete transparency, low commission and fast transactions. Real-time streaming means your funds come every second at a certain speed and your recipients can withdraw them at any moment. Roketo's intuitive interface makes it comfortable for anyone to use despite their crypto knowledge, and easy to set up a payment stream for the first time. Roketo is built on the NEAR Protocol. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Olga Isaeva Roketo olia at

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