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Rumer Willis reveals she has been struggling to love herself in lockdown

Demi Moore's has opened up about how she is working to be more body confident (Getty Images)
Demi Moore's has opened up about how she is working to be more body confident (Getty Images)

She is currently in lockdown in Idaho with both of her famous parents - Demi Moore and ex-husband Bruce Willis - as well as her sisters Scout and Tallulah.

But Rumer Willis has taken time away from busy family life during the pandemic to reflect on her battle with body confidence.

In a post on Instagram, the actress, 31, admitted that she had been struggling to slot into a “perfect” healthy eating and exercise routine while cooped up at home.

The star, who at the same time shared a post-workout snap of herself, explained that while her body “does so much” all she tends to think about is what it is “lacking” and forgets to “celebrate” its “unique beauty”.

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Rumer wrote: “This is just an appreciation post for my body because I think it’s important to celebrate ourselves.

“Not because we lost weight or we are a certain size or because we have a rare moment when a photo looks ‘how we think it should to be accepted by mainstream’.

“My body does so much for me and works so hard for me. But more often than not the only thing it hears it what is wrong with it. What is lacking or what there is too much of. I am a fault of this all too often.”

She continued: “Being in quarantine and struggling to find a new routine and not using food to find comfort when you are stuck at home all day is hard.

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“Finding discipline to workout from home and eat healthy is hard and it’s ok not to be perfect, I’m certainly not.

“What is important is to find ways to be happy where you are at and not make being a perfect size or weight or hair color or body shape some goal that you can only find happiness and acceptance of you reach it.”

Rumer added: “When we look in the mirror or at a photo we usually just go to all the things ‘wrong’ not the unique beauty. I had a moment today after I worked out and I took this picture and I tried just for a moment to just see all the amazing things and not my ‘perceived flaws’.

“I took a moment to acknowledge myself and my body and how much it does and I said thank you for being just as you are and even just for today I release the idea that to be beautiful or desirable you have to be anything other that what you are right now.”

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The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star - who was wearing a matching grey-blue set from Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims - also shared a video titled “body talk” in a second post.

Rumer explained that she wanted to be “vulnerable” and show her 819,000 followers what she looks like with “no filters, no editing”.

Both posts have received tens of thousands of ‘likes’ and much praise from fans lauding her honesty.

One person wrote: “Damn right, thank you for sharing love.”

Another commented: “GOSH I love you, you are such an incredible woman, whom I look up to so much.”

A third shared: “You have a beautiful, strong body and it looks like you take really good care of it. What an inspiration you are.”

And a fourth added: “I’ve been feeling the same way. Thank you beautiful.”