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Sainsbury's cut prices more than rivals in the Christmas quarter, says CEO

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Illuminated signage is seen at a branch of the Sainsbury's supermarket in London

LONDON (Reuters) - British supermarket group Sainsbury's cut prices on key product lines by the most in the market in its Christmas quarter to Jan. 8, its boss said on Wednesday.

"It's clear that the market has some inflation in it. Actually in the quarter what you'll see on the 100 highest volume lines for each of the key grocery retailers we were the most deflationary in the market," CEO Simon Roberts told reporters, citing industry data, after Sainsbury's updated on trading.

He said with Britons facing a cost of living squeeze this year, Sainsbury's was focused on providing the best value it could.

"Delivering great value for customers is at the heart of our strategy and we've sharpened our price positioning against our key competitors," he said.

(Reporting by James Davey, Editing by Paul Sandle)