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Samsung’s new feature lets users clone their voices to answer calls on their behalf

Samsung’s new feature lets users clone their voices to answer calls on their behalf

Samsung has announced a new feature that lets users clone their voices to respond to calls on their behalf.

The feature on Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby enables users to answer calls from anywhere by typing a message that artificial intelligence converts to audio and communicates to the caller directly on their behalf.

“Using the new Bixby Custom Voice Creator, users can record different sentences for Bixby to analyse and create an AI generated copy of their voice and tone,” the tech giant explained in a blog post.

With the “Bixby text call” feature, users can type out a message that the AI converts into their voice and conveys to the caller on their behalf.

The voice assistant’s new updates are aimed at allowing people to customise their user experience further and are currently available only on the Korean models of some of the latest Samsung flagship phones, the company said.

Samsung is planning for the AI-generated voice feature to be compatible with other Samsung apps “beyond phone calls” as well.

“When Samsung first launched Bixby as a voice assistant, it was part of a vision to create a human-to-machine interface that makes life easier and can advance over time with Samsung Galaxy innovation,” said Young Jip Kim, executive vice president and head of AI Team in Mobile eXperience Business for Samsung Electronics, in a statement.

“Today, we introduce updates to build a more intelligent interface that is proactive and adaptive, giving people greater control over their mobile experience,” Mr Kim said.

With the help of Bixby’s on-device AI support, users can key commands like setting a timer, taking a screenshot or turning on the flashlight entirely offline, according to Samsung.

“By integrating on-device AI with its native applications, Samsung was able to further expand its language offering and capabilities with advanced AI-based voice dictation,” the company said.