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Emmanuel Sanders after reviewing Super Bowl tape: It’s like watching the Titanic sink

Emmanuel Sanders has studied the Super Bowl game tape over and over.

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver has watched the film from their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami multiple times, trying to figure out exactly what went wrong.

Still, though, the outcome is the same. The 49ers, after leading by 10 points midway through the final quarter, fell to the Chiefs 31-20.

It isn’t any less painful now, either.

"I've watched the Super Bowl at least five, six times," Sanders said, via ESPN. "It's like watching the Titanic and you hope the ship just don't sink and, for some reason, the ship just keeps sinking over and over. And you go back and watch the game and you just hope that all the plays that we left out there and the possible opportunities that we could have [had] come out victorious. But we didn't.”

Sanders had just three receptions for 38 yards in the loss, and wasn’t in the mood to talk much after the game, either. 

Sanders was extremely upset speaking with reporters, especially after one asked him about a failed completion in the final minutes of the game when quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo just barely missed him. 

“How close do you think I was?” Sanders fired back at a reporter. “That’s a dumb question. Next question.”

Just two questions later, and only roughly 60 seconds after his news conference had started, Sanders walked off.

While he was in a better mood on Wednesday, when the 49ers cleared out their lockers at the team facility, Sanders knows there’s nothing he can do about the game now.

He just has to push ahead.

"That's the reality,” Sanders said, via ESPN. “So now we've got to move on and look forward to next year and this offseason of grinding and trying to get back and trying to win it again."

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders sits on the bench during the second half of Super Bowl LIV on Sunday in Miami Gardens, Florida. (AP/Chris O'Meara)

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