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Working remotely could save up to £36,500

Working from home in a city like Geneva, could save you tens of thousands a year.
Working from home in a city like Geneva, Copenhagen or Washington DC could help you save tens of thousands of pounds a year. Photo: XPS/Unsplash

Brits could save up to £36,500 a year by working remotely in a city abroad.

Geneva in Switzerland is the best city for disposable income, according to a new study by Capital on Tap.

An average salary of about £56,041 massively offsets “standard outgoings” — including rent, bills, food, transport — plus “happiness costs” — such as drinks and dining, and a gym of about £19,573, leaving remote workers with about £36,468 to spend or save as they see fit.

This is 53% higher than the city with the second-highest disposable income for remote workers — Copenhagen, Denmark, where an annual salary of about £33,172 and outgoings of about £13,674 leave workers with a nonetheless impressive £19,499.

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Washington DC, on the border of Maryland and Virginia in the US, is the third-best city for remote workers, with a salary of about £32,448 a year and living costs of about £15,791 leaving workers with £16,657.

Australian capital Canberra comes forth, with an annual income of £31,036, costs of £14,521, and disposable income of £16,516.

Norwegian capital Oslo rounds out the top five, with a salary of £29,745 and costs of £14,469 leaving workers with about £15,276.

Meanwhile, New Delhi in India is technically the “cheapest” city for remote workers, with standard costs and costs of happiness coming to just £2,349 a year. The average salary is only £4,000, leaving workers just £2,777 to spend a year, however, this will go a lot further in such an affordable city.

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Cairo in Egypt, Colombo in Sri Lanka and Buenos Aires in Argentina are the next cheapest options, all costing less than £3,500 a year.

Meanwhile, London is the most expensive city for remote workers, with costs of living and happiness coming to about £23,755. However, against a salary of about £33,914, it still leaves workers with £10,159 of disposable income.

The second most-expensive city on the list, Hong Kong, China isn’t great for disposable income. With salaries of about £27,465 and costs of £22,856, workers are left with just £4,608 to spend in a pricy city.