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ScotGems Plc - Result of General Meeting

ScotGems plc

LEI:         549300GQHCPU9P1NYM13

Date:     9 December 2019


(Registered No. 10755475)


The Board of ScotGems plc (the "Company") is pleased to announce that at a general meeting of the Company held earlier today, the ordinary resolution in relation to the proposed changes to the Company's investment policy, as set out in the circular which was published by the Company on 15 November 2019, was approved by shareholders.

Details of the number of proxy votes cast for, against and withheld in respect of the resolution will be published on the Company's website,

A copy of the resolution passed has been submitted to the National Storage Mechanism and will shortly be available for inspection at:


Harry Gladstone
Stewart Investors, Investment Manager

PATAC Limited, Secretary
0131 473 2900

0131 538 1400