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Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC falls below participation threshold of 10 % due to passive dilution and now holds 9.5 % in Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (MBT)

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EQS Group-News: Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC / Key word(s): Investment
13.07.2021 / 07:00

Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC falls below participation threshold of 10 % due to passive dilution and now holds 9.5 % in Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (MBT)

Balzers, July 13th, 2021 Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC (hereinafter "Sentis Cell 3"), a segregated asset entity under the umbrella of Sentis Capital PPC (but not owned by it), was not invited to participate in Meyer Burger's most recent share placement nor the convertible bond placement. We can well understand the reasoning for Sentis Cell 3 not being invited, as it is in the interest of all shareholders to further broaden and internationalize the shareholder base considering the planned growth strategy of MBT.

Due to these capital measures, Sentis Cell 3 is passively diluted below the 10% participation threshold. According to Swiss law this leads to a notification according to Art. 13 para. 3 FinfraV-FINMA.

We made previous adjustments to the shareholding in MBT in the course of rebalancing operations. These took place in the early days of 2021, meaning a long time prior to the recent corporate actions, as the position in our portfolio had become too large. These adjustments therefore took place at lower prices than currently possible. Sentis Cell 3 therefore was neither active in the market several months before nor at any time after the recent corporate actions.

These previous rebalancings did not trigger any legal notification requirements for Sentis Cell 3 according to Swiss law (Art. 13 Abs. 3 FinfraV-FINMA, KR, RLMT, SER).

Sentis Cell 3 is a long-term oriented shareholder and since December 2016 (at the beginning via a parent company) the largest shareholder of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd (MBT).

Prior to the announcement of the change in strategy of MBT and the capital increase in July 2020, our shareholding in MBT was 8.22 %.

In order to make the capital increase of 165 million in July 2020 possible at all, the involved banks requested a significant commitment from existing major shareholders already one month in advance.

Sentis Cell 3 and a large Swiss asset management company were the only ones willing to make significant commitments already before the announcement of the strategy change, ie one month before the capital increase. Sentis Cell 3 has therefore committed to underwrite up to 30% of the total capital increase. Without this commitment, the transaction and the change of strategy would not have been commenced.

In addition to the subscriptions as part of the capital increase, Sentis Cell 3 also purchased and exercised a large number of subscription rights during rights trading in July 2020.

The sum of these actions in the course of the July 2020 capital increase resulted in a shareholding of 14.73% in MBT. Such a high shareholding was not the original goal of Sentis Cell 3. However, in order to enable MBT to implement the strategy shift towards in-house production ("captive strategy") with Heterojunction and SmartWire, which Sentis Cell 3 has been vehemently demanding since 2018, we decided to increase our commitment at the time.

The performance and results that all MBT employees have achieved in teamwork together with the new management under the leadership of Dr. Gunter Erfurt and together with the Board of Directors in the last 12 months are historic in our view.

Within a year, Meyer Burger Technology Ltd has transformed itself from a technology-leading start-up to a fully financed technology-leading industrial company in growth mode.

Sentis Cell 3 remains the largest shareholder of Meyer Burger Technology Ltd with 9.5% and sees great potential for the future. We wish all employees, the management, the Board of Directors and all other involved parties and stakeholders all the best for the next steps to successfully rebuild a technologically superior integrated western cell and module production, the only one of its kind.

Management and Board of Directors of

Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC, Balzers FL

Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC is a segregated asset entity of Sentis Capital PCC but is not owned by it. The Board of Directors and the decision-making bodies of Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC are different from all other Sentis Cells and also different from Sentis Capital PCC itself. Mark Kerekes, a board member of Meyer Burger Technology AG, is not part of the board of directors of Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC. He is also not part of the management team, nor is he part of any decision-making bodies of Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC. He is also not a shareholder of Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC, nor of any related party of Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC. Mr. Kerekes does not participate in the profits of Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC.


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Sentis Capital Cell 3 PC

Im Gagoz 73

9496 Balzers



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