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Work set to start soon on £5.5 Southampton Central revamp

Major £5.5m plans for Southampton Central Station will see the station transformed. <i>(Image: Southampton City Council)</i>
Major £5.5m plans for Southampton Central Station will see the station transformed. (Image: Southampton City Council)

WORK to transform Southampton Central Station costing £5.5m will start in just days.

The plans will see the station transform to give easier access to the port, cruise terminals, and city centre.

What can I expect to see?

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

Several improvements to the station are on the cards.

These include a new cruise passenger waiting lounge with real-time information, increased access to sustainable travel options, improved taxi rank, drop-off facilities, and improved car parking and loading facilities.

These improvements to the south side of the station will get underway on February 13, with the forecourt set to be completed by July.

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Councillor Eamonn Keogh, cabinet member for transport and district regeneration said the revamp will “create a sense of arrival” and will also “improve passengers’ experience.”

He said: “The plans for Central Station align with our focus on public transport networks and making the most of gateways into the city, which will crucially support the wider regeneration of the area, such as the Maritime Gateway development.

“I look forward to seeing this project materialise through joint working with our partners Balfour Beatty Living Places, South Western Railway, and Network Rail, and am excited to see the revamped station in the autumn."

Daily Echo:
Daily Echo:

South Western Railway has contributed £1.3 million to the project, which will “boost transport connectivity.”

Peter Williams, customer and commercial director, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Southampton City Council and their partners Balfour Beatty Living Places in delivering a station forecourt which will boost transport connectivity, improve access to the station and provide a significant step change towards sustainable travel.

“Once completed, Southampton Central station will play an active part in encouraging public transport integration between rail, bus, taxi, walking and cycling, and linking the station to the port, commercial, leisure and residential areas in Southampton.”

Who else will benefit?

Train passengers are not the only public transport users who will benefit from this project.

Funding will be used to develop state-of-the-art new bus facilities including dedicated bus stops and improved bus accessibility.

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Pedestrians will benefit from improved access with dedicated crossing points within the forecourt with improved disabled parking and access.

The crossing on Western Esplanade to the east of the station will also be upgraded to enhance connections for people walking and wheeling to the International Maritime Promenade and the city centre.

Among the other upgrades will be a taxi waiting area for then vehicles along Western Esplanade, and a taxi rank for five vehicles created in a dedicated area of the forecourt.

'Limited vehicular access'

All car parking will be moved to the west while parking for people with disabilities and 20 min waiting will remain within the forecourt area and benefit from an improved layout.

Whilst the south side forecourt is under construction, there will be very limited vehicular access in the area.

Taxis will only be available from the north side of the station for pick-ups and here will be no bus services available from the south side forecourt during this time.

The existing south-side bus services will either be available on the north side or at the bus stops outside Marlands and Asda.

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