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Seven-year-old UK schoolgirl who loves Def Leppard and Metallica is so talented at rock DRUMMING!

·4-min read

A seven-year-old schoolgirl who loves bands like Def Leppard and Metallica is so good at rock drumming her mum has branded her a "little Keith Moon".

Anabell Tang first wielded drumsticks aged four and has come on leaps and bounds ever since - even representing Britain in drumming this year.  

Remarkable footage shows the pint-sized percussion player reeling off a string of incredible solos by her favourite bands, which include Def Leppard, Metallica and Nirvana.  

She has already attracted considerable attention on social media for her skills with the sticks - and managed to bag more than six sponsorships. 

Despite her diminutive stature, Anabell is able to create an enormous sound and would like to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Neil Peart from Rush. 

She said: "One day I'd like to be in a rock band and go on tour as a drummer.  

"My favourite thing about drumming is making people smile and being creative. 

"I also love the crashing and banging sounds that the drums make, that's why I love rock so much.  

"My three favourite bands are Queen, Nirvana and Def Leppard and my favourite drummer is Neil Peart from Rush.  

"I'd like to play like him one day." 

Anabell's greatest drumming accomplishment to date is winning a national competition called Drum-Off, which pits young musicians against one another.  

Her winning entry, a four-minute solo composed herself, granted Anabell a place at the global event, where she competed against drummers from around the world.  

Due to the pandemic, both events were staged online, although the youngster plans to compete again this year when it could be held in person.  

Proud mum Abby said: "It was amazing to see Abby do so well.  

"What pleases me most as a mum is how much she enjoys herself. She's not there for medals or anything, she just absolutely loves it. 

"I'm so proud of her for all she's done and her attitude towards everything." 

Abby said her little one's love of heavy metal comes from her, as she has blasted the likes of Metallica and ACDC throughout Anabell's childhood.  

She added: "The type of music she likes is definitely my influence, I've played it to her for years now and it seems to have rubbed off.  

"It's great for me because when she practices, I like all the songs she plays. She reminds me of a little Keith Moon. 

"Her actual musical ability definitely doesn't come from me, I don't have a musical background at all." 

Abby said her girl became "obsessed" with the trumpet aged three but found out, having spoken to teachers, that she was too small to pick the instrument up.  

She added: "Anabell has always loved music, ever since she was tiny. She was still talking about the trumpet by the time she turned four.  

"I had a little think and decided she should give the drums a go. I thought she would like it and it seemed suited to someone quite young. 

"I booked her a lesson and she was hooked immediately. She had such a good time and I could tell really quickly that it was something she'd want to pursue.  

"Within a couple of months, I'd bought her a kit and it went from there, she's never looked back." 

Abby said she is "aware" of Anabell's position as a girl in a male-dominated industry and is "proud" of her for making such a splash.  

However, she added: "It's not something that puts Anabell off, she's so confident in what she's doing that I don't think it's on her radar. 

"She doesn't mind if a boy wants to wear a dress or if she wants to wear boys clothes, she's just a really kind, thoughtful girl." 

Anabell has taught since the age of four by Brad Clifford, who seen her advance all the way up to grade eight. 

He said: "Anabell is a fantastic student, she has a real passion learning and having fun in the meantime.  

"She's been learning drums with me for almost four years and in that time has taken multiple graded exams, entered competitions, learnt tricky songs and worked on the boring stuff in between.  

"I see a very promising future for Anabell and can't wait to see what she gets up to in the next few years." 

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