Run-down shed sold for £38,000

The Victorian brick outhouse, crammed in next to a terraced house in Bristol, was expected to fetch £15,000

A run-down shed filled with rubble has been sold at auction for a staggering £38,000.

The dilapidated lean-to was inherited by a young couple who put the building on the market, hoping it would fetch around £15,000.

The Victorian brick outhouse is crammed in next to a terraced house in Ebenezer Street, St George, Bristol, where the average family home is valued at just under £100,000.

It has no planning permission but auction experts reckon it would make an ideal small business premises or workshop.

The auction was staged by Clifton-based Hollis Morgan as part of a sale day which saw a record-breaking £5 million worth of property sold within a matter of hours.

A spokesman for the auction house said: "We never expected the plot to go for the price it did, needless to say everyone involved was delighted at the final figure."

The outhouse is crammed in next to a terraced house in Bristol

Property experts claim the bumper sale is part of a national upturn in a property market filled with buyers ready to pounce when the right property becomes available.

 "Month on month we have continued to see the numbers of completions grow," said Bristol estate agent CJ Hole.

"We are seeing 10% increases this year alone for certain properties."

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