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Shop owner said her store is being "terrorised" by two aggressive CROWS

·2-min read

A shop owner terrified of birds has been left in a "nightmare" situation - as two CROWS have been repeatedly "terrorising" her store and hurling themselves into its glass doors.

Victoria Hunt, 47, said she has been left scared to go outside as the two large, territorial birds have been patrolling outside her shop all week. 

In a scene that resembles Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 horror film, The Birds, the pair of black birds have been repeatedly launching themselves against the doors of the shop, and squawking as they peck against the glass.

Victoria, who runs The Lodge shop and pub in North Tuddenham, Norfolk, with her husband Gavin, 44, said the birds have been waking them up in the early hours of the morning since last Monday.

And she said: "I'm quite scared of birds in general, and they're quite big birds - so it's been a bit of a nightmare for me personally.

"I don't particularly relish the thought of going out there at the moment.

"On the first day they appeared, they started throwing themselves at the door at about four o'clock in the morning, and they were doing it every ten minutes. 

"It's so, so loud. It does sound a bit like customers banging on the door, so it has been throwing us off a little."

Victoria added that the birds' behaviour may look like a "strange phenomena" - but is actually fairly common behaviour.

She said: "It's partly a territorial thing, as they are nesting just over the road.

"But it's also quite a lot to do with the fact that they can see their reflection in the glass - so they fly at it, thinking there is another bird there.

"We've put some bin bags over the glass now so they can't see their reflection anymore, which has kind of stopped them flying into the doors.

"But it doesn't seem to have stopped them from patrolling outside the shop during the day, and standing outside the doors."

Luckily, Victoria said that the birds don't seem to be scaring customers off - as they largely stay away during the day when there are people going in and out of the shop.

She said: "They tend to avoid people, so while there are customers or other people around they don't tend to come down here.

"But it's mostly first thing in the morning that they're here, pecking away at the glass, waking us up most mornings.

"You should see all the marks they have left on the door. They can do quite a lot of damage."

Victoria added: "They seem to be nesting just across the road - but why they have become fixated with our shop door, I have no idea."

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