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Snapchat app broken on iPhone: Company says it is ‘looking into’ reports of crashing

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 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Snapchat has stopped working properly on iPhones, according to multiple reports.

Users say that the latest version of the app simply crashes rather than opening as expected, with no way to get around the problems.

Because the iPhone automatically downloads new updates, users might not wittingly have installed the latest version, and instead just find that the app does not open.

The company said that it was aware of the problems and looking to try and find a fix to solve it.

“We’re aware of an issue with the latest version of Snapchat available in the App Store,” the company wrote in a tweet. “Hang tight, we are looking into it and working on a fix!”

It gave no indication of how long that fix might take or when the update would be issued.

Snapchat includes a range of features – such as streaks, which reward people for talking every day – intended to keep people opening and using the app. As such, any outage that lasts more than 24 hours could easily lose people those streaks.

If the problems are with the software, as expected, then it is likely the fix will be the same, and users will need to require the latest update.

The problems appear to be with the update numbered, which was distributed therough the App Store over the weekend.

Updates are usually pushed out every week and many come without specific information on what they have fixed.

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