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Soak Watermelon Slices In Tequila For A Fresh Yet Boozy Snack

watermelon slices and cocktail
watermelon slices and cocktail - Kosoff/Shutterstock

Fruit-based cocktails always hit the spot in the warmer months. But instead of dropping apple slices into your sangria or submerging thin wedges of blood orange in your margarita, why not flip the script and pour the booze straight into your fruit? Watermelon is in season from May to September, and for the times a ripe-looking one is just calling your name, there's no better way to enjoy it as an adult than to infuse it with tequila.

It's entirely possible to feel similar boozy effects from eating a slice of alcohol-infused watermelon as you would from drinking a cocktail. The fruit will soak up the tequila through osmosis, a process that occurs when the booze penetrates the semi-permeable membrane in the watermelon. But even more enticing than just a vehicle for your alcohol, merging the fruit with tequila creates a tasty, refreshing snack. If you've ever had a watermelon margarita, you know how delicious the lightly sugary watermelon can be when paired with the earthy, sweet, agave-laced flavors in tequila. So when you take a bite of this infusion, you'll get a fresh burst of juicy watermelon with a tinge of boozy flavor, perfect for poolside barbecues and beach days.

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How To Make Tequila-Soaked Watermelon Slices

watermelon slices in black tray
watermelon slices in black tray - Lazartivan/Shutterstock

If this is your first time dabbling in alcohol-infused fruit, you're in luck, because watermelon is an ideal option for this endeavor due to its size and high water content. Pick a tequila you enjoy drinking, because you will be able to taste it through the juicy slices. Then to get started, cut your watermelon up into wedges and lay the slices out in a single layer on a baking sheet. Instead of simply dumping the alcohol on your fruit, first make a syrup over the stove, which will dilute the booze so you can enjoy shots spread out over multiple slices. In a saucepan, you'll want to include the tequila, water, and sugar, along with any ingredients for extra flavor -- such as lime juice or peels, mint leaves, lemon juice or peels, and star anise pods. Feel free to also add any extra booze here that might complement the flavor of your watermelon, like orange liqueur.


All that's left then is to cool your syrup a little (straining first if necessary) and pour it over your fruity wedges. Ideally, you'll make this the day before so you can let the watermelon soak up all that sweet boozy goodness overnight in the fridge. Right before you're about to take a bite, sprinkle a little salt over your slice and top with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

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