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Social media is horrified by this ‘wretched and cursed item’ at a grocery store

Justin Chan
·2-min read

Social media users are up in arms after a Twitter user shared an unusual item that a grocery store chain has been selling to its customers.

On Sept. 16, a user with the handle TrumpetSexy tweeted photos of bags of hard boiled eggs soaked in an unknown liquid. The user supposedly found them in the “meal deal” section at a local Morrisons, one of the largest supermarket chains in the United Kingdom.

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“My local Morrisons is selling actual sacks of wet eggs,” the user wrote. “This is the most wretched and cursed item I have ever witnessed.”

The bags, which are blue, contain dozens of eggs floating in a yellow liquid, despite a label that says there are only five eggs in the bags. The user’s tweet has since gone viral, receiving over 14,000 tweets and nearly 4,000 comments.

“Genuinely one of the most gross things I’ve ever seen,” one person wrote in response. “I don’t even know why. This is so unsettling and revolting.”

“How can one person eat a sack of wet eggs as part of a meal deal,” another asked.

Several Twitter users explained that the eggs were actually intended for the salad bar.

“I worked in Morrisons so can confirm that these eggs [are] in a preservative for the salad bar lol,” the user wrote. “We didn’t boil the eggs or de-shell them they came like this. Not sure why they’re being sold on shelves maybe they’re about to expire?? But not sure why everyone’s freaking out over it.”

In a statement to the Sun, a Morrisons representative confirmed that fact, explaining that the eggs are often prepared for the salad bar but are occasionally sold to customers directly.

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