Socialstack Launches $350,000 Grant Fund for Social and Environmental Action Focused Social Tokens, Announces Activist-in-Residence Chelsea Miller

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Web3 company Socialstack is supporting purpose-driven organizations & creators with the first social token grant fund to fuel the next generation of impact-focused micro-economies.

PARIS, FRANCE, July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Socialstack, the Web3 community platform and ecosystem focused on building impact-driven communities, is announcing a $350,000 grant fund for organizations and creators to launch social tokens that advance social and environmental action for Socialstack’s ‘Summer Of Action’. Applications for up to $50,000 grants are now live with an August 31st submission deadline. As the first grant fund ever established for social tokens, the fund will provide purpose-driven organizations and creators with monetary and in-kind support. Social tokens are crypto currencies issued by a brand, community, or creator where the value of the token is derived from the underlying social capital of the community and the utility that the issuer creates for the token.

"We are thrilled to partner with Celo to establish a grant fund to bring purpose-driven organizations and creators into Web3 through social tokens," said Andrew Berkowitz, CEO of Socialstack. "We aim to advance the immense potential of Web3 by providing funding and infrastructure to ambitious projects looking to enter Web3 with purpose."

Socialstack is also excited to announce globally renowned Gen Z movement leader Chelsea Miller as its Activist-In-Residence. Miller is the Co-Founder of Freedom March NYC, one of the largest U.S. youth-led civil rights organizations, created after the murder of George Floyd. She has been on the frontlines of civic engagement, reproductive rights, and more. Recently named the Muhammad Ali Foundation’s 2021 Humanitarian of the Year, Miller is one of the leading voices in youth activism with a very engaged following on social media. She has addressed thousands in speaking engagements including the 2020 March on Washington and Michele Obama’s Culture of Democracy Summit and worked with brands including Nike and Puma.

“Web3 has the potential to build power through communities in new and innovative ways.” said Miller, “Socialstack is an example of what happens when we lead with impact in the digital space - lives are changed and the world can be better from it.”

Socialstack aims to fund a diverse representation of builders with two initial grant recipients: Silicon Harlem and Picture Motion.

Silicon Harlem was founded ten years ago to onboard Harlem and other urban markets into technology and innovation, recently opening a marquee innovation center with support from several of the world’s most influential corporations. The grant will initially support an activation during Harlem Week, and the two organizations have already come together on a longer-term vision rooted in community resiliency.

Picture Motion is an award-winning impact agency for entertainment that develops and implements campaigns to maximize the power of film to ignite progressive change. The agency has led campaigns for Questlove’s 2022 Oscar-Winning documentary Summer of Soul showcasing never-before-seen footage of Black joy and culture at the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, and riveting documentaries Beyond The Flood and 13th. The grant will initially support a first-of-its-kind activation intersecting film, impact, and Web3 around various impact areas.

“Digital literacy and access to broadband have been at the forefront of Silicon Harlem’s commitment to upper Manhattan for over a decade." said Clayton Banks, Cofounder and CEO of Silicon Harlem,  "We're excited to partner with Socialstack to bring upper Manhattan's rich culture into Web3, and create incentives for local residents to earn crypto and goods through positive community action."

In addition to financial support, recipients will receive pro-bono services from the Socialstack team leveraging their expertise via informational events, office hours, and bespoke services from the company’s Web3 Studio. Tokens on Socialstack incentivize positive action that include mental health, climate action, civic engagement, and more, alongside helping communities advance their commerce and community goals. Their strategic vision is to hone in on the power of communities using tokens to orchestrate community actions in a bespoke digital economy, where all of its stakeholders receive upside, including a very important stakeholder – the planet.

Socialstack has launched communities including Starboard, the leading sustainability-driven water sports brand, into Web3. Starboard’s community has already removed over 500,000 pounds of ocean plastic while earning token incentives which can be redeemed for planting trees, merchandise, and more. Other notable communities include the first social token for a nonprofit (Project Zero), Africa’s top NFT creator (Osinachi), and international DJ BLOND:ISH’s sustainability initiative (Bye Bye Plastic Foundation), to which Socialstack deployed its first-ever grant to. The company launched the first social token experience at Christie's in the fall.

Acclaimed international DJ, producer, activist and Web3 entrepreneur Vivie-Ann Bakos – Aka BLOND:ISH – has already unveiled a pioneering partnership with a social token for her Bye Bye Plastic Foundation during International Music Summit Ibiza, the premier forum for electronic music in May. The $BYEBYE social token, which only can be earned for starters, will launch at the end of summer on Socialstack. Bye Bye Plastic and Socialstack will run the first-ever Impact To Earn (I2E) campaign in the space with $25,000 in CELO tokens rewarded for those who take positive actions.

Contributing a portion of profits or token allocation to a charity is a simple copy-and-paste concept from the old paradigm. Many efficiencies are introduced by Web3 to activate advocates, social media followers, and new community members. Creating systems to advance solutions for the challenges nonprofits aim to solve through a decentralized network of task completion can truly bring forward outcomes.

Any organization or creator can apply for a grant at


About Socialstack

Socialstack is a social token platform that gives a damn. Our platform enables community leaders and members to easily co-create value while accomplishing impact missions. It’s code-free and carbon negative. We drive cultural change through Web3 to create and support impact-driven currencies that catalyze grassroots solutions to solve society’s biggest challenges.

About Celo

Celo is a carbon-negative blockchain. It began in 2020 intending to become the first carbon neutral platform by contributing daily offsets through the network protocol, making the operational resources powering the Celo platform carbon-negative from the get-go. Celo has offset 2,285 tons of carbon through its work with Project Wren. It’s equal to the CO2 absorbed by 320,000 pine trees for a year. It’s enough to make Celo 8 times carbon negative based on Wren’s estimates for the network's footprint as a whole.

About Silicon Harlem

Since 2013, Silicon Harlem has been working and partnering with the private sector, academia, nonprofits, and the community to build the next generation of technological infrastructure to meet the challenges that urban centers face today and will face tomorrow. Through our digital literacy programs, broadband design and deployment, and cutting-edge research projects along with scholarly conferences, educational workshops, and community outreach initiatives, Silicon Harlem reaches a multi-generational audience with our technology expertise.

About Picture Motion

Picture Motion is the leading social impact agency developing award-winning advocacy and marketing campaigns for an array of media and entertainment including films, television, books, stage plays, music, podcasts, and more. We handle all aspects of an impact campaign from defining the distribution strategy and securing strategic partnerships to amplifying awareness and activating audiences through educational touch-points, screenings, and experiences. Storytellers, studios, and brands turn to our expert team of impact producers to ensure that their content gets seen, mobilizes communities, and drives long-term impact.

About Bye Bye Plastic

Dreamed up and led by Vivie-Ann aka BLOND:ISH as a grassroots movement, Bye Bye Plastic is now a team of 8 eco-warriors on track to wipe out single-use plastic in the music industry. Bye Bye Plastic has inspired thousands of DJs and event promoters to back the initiative since launching in 2018, through the #PlasticFreeParty movement and Eco Riders. They officially became a Foundation in January 2020, and have partnered and consulted with industry giants such as International Music Summit & SXM Festival. They also led sustainability panels at ADE Green, IMS, Brighton Music Conference and beyond, while turning heads and gaining coverage from media including BBC Newsbeat, GRAMMY, BBC's Victoria Derbyshire, The Line Of Best Fit, Clash, Rolling Stone, Mixmag, DWTV (Germany).

CONTACT: Andrew Berkowitz CEO/Cofounder Socialstack 5712308093 andrew at