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'Sod off': Hartlepool council leader responds to possible Tier 3 restrictions

Ross McGuinness
·2-min read
A mural depicting a health worker by artist Peter Barber in Manchester as the Government is preparing to impose stringent new coronavirus controls on 2.8 million people after talks with the local leaders for Greater Manchester failed to reach agreement. Leaders have been given until midday on Tuesday to reach a deal, or face unilateral Government action, after 10 days of negotiations failed to reach an agreement. (Photo by Jacob King/PA Images via Getty Images)
The government is at loggerheads with leaders in Manchester over possible Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions. (PA Images via Getty Images)

A council leader in the north-east of England has rejected the idea of his town being placed in Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions, saying: “Sod off”.

Hartlepool Borough Council leader Shane Moore tweeted on Monday evening that there had been no talks over the weekend about his area moving into Tier 3.

The government set a midday deadline on Tuesday for an agreement with leaders in Greater Manchester over its move into Tier 3, but it has since passed.

Communities secretary Robert Jenrick had previously indicated that prime minister Boris Johnson would impose Tier 3 measures on Greater Manchester if a deal wasn’t agreed.

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On Monday, health secretary Matt Hancock said talks were continuing with leaders in Greater Manchester about increasing restrictions in and around the city.

He added that talks were planned this week with South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, the North East and Teesside.

But Moore tweeted that no talks had happened since Friday, when the Tees Valley and the North East were given a reprieve from the toughest measures.

He said: “Apparently it was announced in the House of Commons earlier that there were talks happening in relation to Hartlepool and wider Tees Valley going into Tier 3. This is untrue.

“No talks with us since update on Friday and if anyone suggests it to me this week they’ll be told to sod off.”

Asked if Hartlepool will be placed in Tier 3 next week, Moore replied on Twitter: “Not unless I am presented with clear evidence that the current restrictions are not working and that serious hospital admissions are causing strain on local health services.”

Ben Houchen, the Tory elected mayor for Tees Valley, said he had received a reassurance there were no plans to put them in Tier 3.

He tweeted: “After today’s statement, I spoke to Matt Hancock’s team and I was pleased that they confirmed what local leaders were told on Friday – that there are NO imminent plans to move our area to Tier 3. “

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