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SoftBank Group Corp. (SFTBY) is invited to join Stankevicius Group's digital asset banking venture by CEO Paulius Stankevicius

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EQS-News / 02/02/2021 / 20:48 UTC+8

SoftBank Group Corp. (SFTBY) is invited to join Stankevicius Group's digital asset banking venture by CEO Paulius Stankevicius


SoftBank Group Corp. (SFTBY) is invited to join Stankevicius Group's digital asset banking venture by CEO Paulius Stankevicius.


"Imagine a $1 billion USD transaction without bank asking any questions. I want to make that happen." - says Paulius Stankevicius, CEO of Stankevicius Group.


Entrepreneur and international businessman, Paulius Stankevicius, who is founder and CEO of Stankevicius Group companies: Stankevicius MGM and Stankevicius International, enters banking sector in 2021.


Paulius Stankevicius background is diverse, from technology to marketing to trading including 8 years in business experience, with a record of over 500 clients including startups, SME, large enterprises, public companies, Fortune 500 companies and also governments.


Most of his business career Paulius Stankevicius worked in CXO positions in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe, mainly as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.


In 2018, Paulius Stankevicius worked in Public Relations and Investor Relations sectors, managed global campaigns and raised over $500M in funding for clients, mainly in financial and technology sectors.


In 2020, Paulius Stankevicius, got involved in COVID-19 medical supply item trading and did international trading of medical items to large global publicly listed corporations, large equity and financial firms as well as governments.


In late 2018, Paulius Stankevicius was interviewed by Forbes magazine and in the interview Paulius Stankevicius talked about financial markets and Stankevicius Index. Now, after 2 years, Paulius Stankevicius is finally doing it, nothing less but a bank.


In the recent news releases in late 2020 and early 2021, Paulius Stankevicius finally announced to be launching a bank in 2021, and that Stankevicius Group has already applied for license and waiting for approval.


The bank is not a traditional bank but digital asset bank primarily focusing on digital assets. In late 2017, Paulius Stankevicius, got familiar with digital assets as some of the clients were digital asset companies. Since then, Paulius Stankevicius and his group, have been closely monitoring digital asset markets and learning from client experiences from the digital asset industry.


"Being diverse in business is the most important fundamental and key to survival" - says Paulius Stankevicius.


"In the modern times and competitive markets, being good and playing in one sector is not enough, you need to diversify not just your money but also your time into different industries. I learned that in 2014 and 2015, when I was still in the university working on different startups. Of course, the startups were mainly in technology sector but heavily linked with finance, education, entertainment, sports and other subjects. Being flexible between industries is important as every industry has its own special advantage- of let's say making money. At times, some industries may be stuck due to various reasons, that's why being able to flexibly shift to other industries with more profitable business opportunities at your own convenient time is strategic and good choice which requires certain level of abilities, but of course all of this can be learned with time and interest."


"Right now, digital asset markets have received a lot of interest and especially I see a lot of business happening within digital asset banking sector in the next 5-10 years. That is the reason behind my group's interest to incorporate a bank and start profiting our shareholders through new innovative business models".


"I see a lot of gaps in the current banking system, including the digital one as well. We live in a very secured environment whereas safety and regulations take first place. I'm not saying regulations are bringing issues, but the world doesn't have to be complicated and locked down as it is now".


"Banking sector today has no more trust. Banks are asking customers for proof of $50 dollar transactions. The people are just trying to survive, the same way as companies raising funds and getting investor funds stuck for years, then fighting in courts and legal for the funds to get released is just a headache. All this is just not legit anymore. The financial sector of transactions is just simply too much to handle. The world is too complicated already, the last thing we need is getting somebody's $100 dollars stuck in a bank transaction as for an unexplained reason of deposit."


"Just after the New Year, early in January this year 2021, I got a phone call from a bank, saying my bank account is blocked due to weird transactions. I was shocked. What do you mean weird transactions? All they said was that I was not able to send money from my personal bank to another personal bank as it looks suspicious. My reply to them was simple. I need to pay my bills exactly from my other personal account because that is where all my bills are linked to, but they did not care".


"The trust between customer and a bank is low or almost none, these days. What I experienced and what my friends and family and even my neighbours are experiencing in banking industry is just absurd. A lot of people want a change, and so with this moral of the story, I want to change the way we transact. My vision statement simply says: There must be an easier way to do it".


Paulius Stankevicius says "Technology, policies, and network will be key driving factors to make this a success, and these are all the things my group has experience in. Yet, we are not a SoftBank but if they would like to join on this venture- welcome!"


To learn more about Stankevicius Group companies visit and


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Stankevicius MGM

File: SoftBank Group Corp. (SFTBY) is invited to join Stankevicius Group's digital asset banking venture by CEO Paulius Stankevicius

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