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Solana Vegas Club is about to put its short and long-term vision into immediate effect

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Solana Vegas Club
Solana Vegas Club is about to put its short and long-term vision into immediate effect
12-May-2022 / 06:30 CET/CEST


Solana Vegas Club is about to put its short and long-term vision into immediate effect

To revolutionize the gambling sector and attain the name of an honest and trustable DAO, Solana Vegas Club offers a transparent gaming ecosystem using NFT and DeFi.

NEWS RELEASE BY Solana Vegas Club

New York, NY

New invention, idea, and technology needs time to attain general public acceptance. The conservative nature of the human race is responsible for that. But in the case of the crypto iGaming industry, things are a little different. The clear and promising future of the sector along with the lucidity of the invention has drastically increased its popularity. Cryptocurrencies are the ideal replacement for standard currencies being more transparent, anonymous, and decentralized. Ethereum has secured itself a sound place in the iGaming industry through the provision of an online, decentralized, and equitable gaming world powered by Blockchain technology.

An Introduction To Solana Vegas Club:

Blockchain technology has been the center of attention becoming a widely used technology. The online gambling industry has been transfigured by decentralized applications which provide gambling without the involvement of 3rd parties possible. Through the adoption of decentralized applications, gamblers can gain access to betting globally. The rules and regulations together with the mechanism at work are open to the public for viewing. This allows the gaming results to be immaculate. The predicted, unhindered growth of the online gambling industry from $45.86 billion in 2021 to $131.4 billion by 2027 makes this the perfect time for the launch of Solana Vegas Club. The time is ideal for the community members of Solana to grasp a huge portion of this evergrowing market.

Who we are:

 Solana Vegas Club aims to become the foremost gambling platform amongst all blockchains. To achieve this the community-driven project is designed to establish the foundations of a long-lasting blockchain. The club owns over 10000 NFTs that serve as tickets to the pre-eminent online casino network powered by Blockchain technology. NFT holders are given the unique advantage of becoming co-owners of the Club. Well aware of the sharp practices in the gambling world, Solana Vegas Club is working towards creating the most trustworthy DeFi gambling service.

Short-term and long-term visions:

Solana Vegas Club is led by a team of accomplished and ambitious enthusiasts who believe that success lies in the introduction of a unique products to the market. To achieve short-term visions the club is launching its first product, a decentralized browser gambling platform. Web 1.0 games to be launched first include NFT cases, Casual Crypto Binary Options, American Roulette, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, PVP Rock Paper Scissors, PVP fighting game, PVP Head Or Tails, Monkey Racing, and Slot Machines. For client ease, the currency used in all these games will be Solana. The longterm aim includes the incorporation of Solana Vegas Club into Solana Metaverse. Work on this as well as negotiations with other Metaverse projects are in progress. Through negotiations, the club intends to open branches in different Metaverse projects where people can visit their unique clubs. Solana Vegas also aims to introduce VR to provide clients with an exhilarating 3D visual and

sensory environment. The firm is working tirelessly to grasp general public recognition as an honest and upright club.

Countless benefits for community members:

A monthly record of the club members is acquired and consistent members are offered exclusive benefits. Club members are offered Solana Vegas brand new games before the games are made accessible to the general public. Moreover, participants also enjoy free tickets every week to take part in the lottery as well as 50% profit redistribution. Royalty giveaways and minters may enjoy

30% profit from the allocation of resale royalties. The firm’s introduction of the Solana Vegas VIP Pass is the ultimate key for individuals to attain the foremost benefits and be the first to get them.

Pass holders may benefit from initial 10 free spins, 1 golden NFT case, and a discounted price.

Lottery and Staking:

For a Blockchain to be in the limelight, it must offer something distinctive. In this regard, the Incentive offered by Solana Vegas Club is the free weekly lottery game. Members can test their luck and win Solana, more free spins, or an NFT case with phenomenal tokens of popular collections. Through the staking offered at the club, investors can ameliorate their profit redistribution income by 20% of its initial value.

Solana Vegas Club is an ideal ecosystem offering the most to its members along with ensuring that it attains the labels of an honest and trustworthy firm.

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