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Sonos launches new, cheaper ‘Ray’ soundbar, and finally adds its own voice control

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Sonos has launched a new cheaper and smaller soundbar, known as the Ray.

At the same time, it has unveiled what it calls “Sonos Voice Control”, intended to compete with the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Sonos offers both of those voice assistants already, but has run into troubles with fully integrating them.

Instead, it has launched its own version, which it says offers “fast, accurate” control as well as increased privacy. It also talks with the voice of Giancarlo Esposito, best known from Breaking Bad.

Voice control will arrive in US from June. Sonos said it will arrive in France “later this year”, and that other markets including the UK would “follow”.

In the meantime, Sonos announced the Ray, which sits at the lower end of its soundbar range alongside the Beam and premium Arc. It costs £279, with its lower price made possible with changes such as fewer speakers and no microphone.

Sonos claimed that the ray offers “impressive sound for its size”.

As with all of Sonos’s products, the Ray can work alongside other speakers within a home over the internet. It can be combined with other speakers for surround sound.

The company also announced that it would release the Sonos Roam in three new colours – olive, wave and sunset – and would also partner with Lorde. The singer will present a station on Sonos Radio as well as helping design a carry bag for the Sonos Roam.

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