Sonos soundbar revealed in leak that shows new, secret and cheap TV speaker

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Sonos Beam  (Sonos)
Sonos Beam (Sonos)

Sonos is planning to introduce a cheap and small soundbar for people’s TVs, according to a new leak.

The smart speaker company will position the new soundbar as its entry-level model, at a price far cheaper than any of its existing sounders, the report claims.

It suggests that Sonos is no longer looking to allow other companies to make more accessible sounders and stay at the top of the market. Instead, it is likely to position the new speaker as an easy way into its system of internet-enabled speakers.

The soundbar is currently nicknamed Fury, scheduled in for a release date on 7 June, will cost around $249 or probably the same price in pounds, and will come in black or white, according to a new report from The Verge. The company accurately leaked Sonos’s recent Roam portable speaker before its release.

Its low price means that it will come without some of the features that have arrived with other recent Sonos speakers. There will be no microphones for voice control, for instance, and no Dolby Atmos for the kind of detailed surround sound that first arrived with Sonos’s much more expensive Arc speaker.

It will more closely compete with the Sonos Beam, which currently sells for around $449 or the same price in pounds. But in line with its price, it will be smaller and less capable than that current entry-level offering.

The ‘Fury’ soundbar could also function as a rear speaker for Dolby Atmos setups when paired with that Arc, The Verge suggested. It would be turned up on its side and mounted vertically for extra definition when compared with other Sonos speakers used as surrounds, such as the One.

The company is still working on a smaller and cheaper subwoofer as well as its widely rumoured headphones, The Verge also reported.