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South Park fans think Cartman and Kenny mystery has been teased since show began

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 (Comedy Central)
(Comedy Central)

A South Park theory suggests that the show has been lining up a big reveal for three decades.

Viewers have seen Kenny McCormick die numerous times over the years. Bizarrely, when he resurrects the following episode, his friends never seem to remember. That is except Cartman.

Digital Spy notes that it wasn’t until season 14 when the mystery was tackled head on, with creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone revealing that his immortality is down to the fact his parents attended meetings as part of the Cthulhu cult. As a result, whenever Kenny dies, he is born again and quickly grows back to the same age.

In that episode, he exclaims: “I die all the time and you a**holes never remember!” But, this is not true, because Cartman has alluded to Kenny’s predicament several times since the show began in 1997.

Why Cartman would remember when the others don’t is a mystery that is yet to be officially solved, however Digital Spy has highlighted a few fan theories that could solve the case.

One, via Reddit user freddiemercury3000, suggests that Cartman knows because he can literally see through Kenny’s eyes after receiving an eye transplant using the eyes from Kenny’s frozen head. This occurred in season three episode, “Succubus”.

Another theory suggests that the pair are linked after Cartman drinks milk laced with Kenny’s ashes, which sees him become possessed by his soul.

Kenny is born again after repeatedly dying in ‘South Park’Comedy Central
Kenny is born again after repeatedly dying in ‘South Park’Comedy Central

It’s also worth noting that Cartman is never around to express disbelief about Kenny’s claims about what happened to him. Nihlus11 wonders if his absence is a hint that he’s aware of his friend’s immortality.

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