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Southern Charm 's Madison LeCroy 'Is Thankful' Fiancé Brett 'Loves Me Even Though I Can't Cook'

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Love — and turkey! — is in the air.

Madison LeCroy celebrated her first Thanksgiving with her fiancé Brett this year, just over a month after their engagement.

The Southern Charm star documented their festivities on Instagram, sharing a short clip of her fiancé hugging her before showing off a pot on the stove — even if cooking isn't her forté!

"Thankful he loves me even though I can't cook... but I'm trying," she captioned the Instagram story.

Madison LeCroy
Madison LeCroy

Madison LeCroy/Instagram

LeCroy, 31, first revealed her relationship with Brett — whose last name she hasn't yet disclosed — in June, sharing photos of the two spending time together in Lake Tahoe, California. They actually met months prior, in April, while they both happened to be traveling in Arizona and ended up at the same restaurant, she says.

In October, LeCroy dropped the news of the couple's engagement, revealing Brett had popped the question after taking her and her 8-year-old son Hudson, whom she shares with her ex-husband, out on a belated birthday celebration.

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madison lecroy and new beau
madison lecroy and new beau

madison lecroy/ instagram

"I honestly was not expecting it that day," she told PEOPLE at the time. "We traveled a lot this summer and I kind of thought it was going to happen around then."

"The next thing you know we come back home and I'm thinking it's just a birthday dinner, and my son's over here jumping around, and I turn around and my fiancé is down on one knee and proposed to me in my living room," she continued. "It was so intimate. I've been crying like crazy from joy. [I'm] so excited."

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madison lecroy and new beau
madison lecroy and new beau

madison lecroy/ instagram

LeCroy also said Brett, who is based in California, asked both her parents and son for their blessing before proposing.

"When he asked my son if he could propose, my son said, 'Yeah, as long as I'm a part of the proposal,'" LeCroy said. "It was very sweet."

LeCroy previously dated Southern Charm's Austen Kroll on and off for almost three years. They split for good during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

"I'm happy for her. She has a son that she has to think about. She wants a family and I think she's accomplished that, or trying to," Kroll, 34, recently told PEOPLE. "Good luck to them."

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