SpareBank 1 SMN: Continued savings programme for employees

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The Board of Directors of SpareBank 1 SMN has decided to continue the savings scheme for employees in 2022, who are invited to buy equity certificates issued by the bank.

All employees of the bank and its subsidiaries are invited to participate in the savings programme. The object of the programme is to motivate employees to become co-owners of the bank and the same time to increase interest in the bank's strategy and results.

Employees commit themselves to a fixed savings amount for 2022 by enrolling in the savings scheme in December 2021. For 2022 the bank offers a scheme enabling employees to save either NOK 6,000, NOK 12,000 or NOK 24,000 per year through a monthly salary deduction from January to December 2022. The savings amount will be used to buy equity certificates in SpareBank 1 SMN on behalf of the participating employees. The amounts are fixed for the year and cannot be changed during the period of the programme.

The bank will aim to acquire the equity certificates in the day(s) following the publication of 1(st), 2(nd) and 3(rd) quarter results, and December 2022. SpareBank 1 Markets will acquire the equity certificates on behalf of the bank. The equity certificates will be distributed to the employees as soon as possible after the acquisition at the same price the bank paid in the open market without any form of discount. Purchase price and number of equity certificates purchased by the bank will be published in accordance with the current rules for trading in own shares.

After 2 years of consecutive ownership of the equity certificates purchased in the savings programme for 2022, all employees will receive one free equity certificate for every two purchased under the programme.

The table below lists primary insiders of SpareBank 1 SMN participating in the savings programme for 2022. The amounts listed are total amounts for 2022. Purchase price and number of equity certificates purchased by each primary insider will be published after the completion of each transaction.


Savings amount (NOK)

Jan-Frode Janson


Kjell Fordal


Vegard Helland


Ola Neråsen


Rolf Jarle Brøske


Inge Lindseth


Christina Straub


Karin Norli


Astrid Undheim


Kjetil Reinsberg


Kjersti Hønstad


Arne Nypan


Trondheim, 15 December 2021

Contact person in SpareBank 1 SMN:

CFO, Kjell Fordal, tel. +47 905 41 672

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